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If your baby complains of headaches, he or she may be hearing a complaint he or she has heard. You may not even be able to tell the real headache, its annoyance and dislike may indicate it.

In rare cases, migraine complaints may occur at a very young age. Many times, the parent will see a doctor for other symptoms, so the illness becomes clear. More commonly, variable weather, wind, neon light, low fluid intake, onset of illness, and fever cause headaches. It may also be a characteristic symptom of facial inflammation.
A regular headache may also have a poorly fitting denture. If the two jaws are bite inclined, if there are few teeth (usually the incisors) larger than the others, the lower and upper dentures will close with a bulldog bite. Occasionally, as a result of congenital asymmetry in the face, some facial nerves can be compressed, and this persistent stimulus causes headaches.

Headache in childhood

Always take this complaint seriously! Of course, this does not mean injecting a painkiller into the air, but rather, first of all, looking for the causes - they can be extremely diverse. If it occurs frequently, keep a record of when it comes to how you are sick and what other conditions can be associated with it. In the case of fever, fever, flu, the headache is the disease. If your child complains frequently during play, and not just when they go to school, it is worth examining the problem.


If possible, we can remedy the cause of the pain. An analgesic is only a symptomatic treatment.

Home remedies

The most effective is a quick, weak massage. Using warm hands, press the scalp, fish body, and forehead several times. Eliminate distracting sources of noise, ventilate the head, if it is good for the child.
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