The best ways to raise awareness

The best ways to raise awareness

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Parents can do a lot to improve their children's attention - for example, by not having to entertain them day and night.

The best ways to raise awarenessChildren's first few years of life have a lot to do with attention to development. Attention is like a muscle: if used properly and frequently, it will strengthen. Later, life will play a key role in many areas of our lives, from school to sport and through the formation of friendships.

Instead of fire

Attention development not only includes methods that we use to help our children focus more on what they are doing, but what we need.

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For example, a few baby dolls are better we don't want to have fun from morning to nightbecause we can easily stimulate them. Babies are not bored without us: their bodies and material details of their environment still offer unusual stimuli that in the future, we will expect results from other people too, which is not conducive to the maintenance of attention. Motion pictures, after all almost hypnotize the kids, who will not be captivated by other (less color and loud) phenomena of their surroundings when they are accustomed to seeing unlimited heart cartoon characters.

White and safe

In order for your child to learn to keep an eye on everything he or she can do, it is worth providing an environment in which you can turn to anything without interruption. That is, we know one thing safely, so that we do not have to suspend activity again and again, with discipline, prohibition, and, on the other hand, not to be interrupted by an infinite number of subjects. And then just leave it alone if we find it to be enthusiastic - including activities that seem to us to be more passive than, for example, quivering. Let's wait until it finishes by itself, and then insert the diaper change, lunch, brushing, or whatever else we're planning on. the child's attention, but not really useful at the moment, does not help to develop attention. The more you can use a game or just make it up (by touching, smelling, moving, and biting), the better the active concentration developerAnd if your child has reached the age they need, we can also choose games designed specifically for attention, such as memуriakбrtyбt, kirakуst, but it can also be very useful to recap any activity that is important to a sorrendisйg. For example, cooking (from recipe), placing cutlery on the table in front of dinner, sorting of games, books by color or alphabetically. Allow the child to choose the game or casual item he / she wants to deal with, as this will usually keep his / her attention much longer.

It's a couple of minutes

Surely many parents have experienced that in some situations, for example, diapers can speed up the process by slightly distracting the baby from the process. However, this does not help the baby's awareness at all. Changing a diaper or bathing may be boring to you, but not for them, so do not be tempted to pay attention to something that affects your life. quality sleep makes children very aware of it, and hunger and fatigue make it a lot. It is also important not to expect more than your child can realistically count for a given age. which rises for 6 minutes on average for two years and 8 minutes for three years - and by then you can usually return to that activity if you interrupt it (or we will interrupt it) to this: that is, our two-year-old kid can only watch the ball games for 5 minutes, while (if he is his favorite) cheerfully and forgetfully stays on average for much longer, up to 20 minutes. It does not matter whether the activity is performed after a night of sleep or whether it is done in the evening.Related articles on Child Development:
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