Why are men warm even when women are cold?

Why are men warm even when women are cold?

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A common, weekly problem in the bride's case is that the man complains that he has warmth and shuns the blanket himself, while the ladies are cold-legged, doubled in pullovers, and look for woolen pants.

Women usually pull the blankets around their necks

While both complain about the other at this point, diversity is simply a matter of male and female anatomy. it can keep the fetus warmwhile men's body temperature is better able to withstand fluctuations, women often do not experience drastic reduction in body temperature. they all play an important role in this. Women also have less heat-producing muscle mass in their bodies and tend to exercise more frequently during menstruation. the woman's circulation directs the blood from the skin to protect the inner partseven though the man's internal temperature is slightly lower, but at a minimum that he probably does not realize: this is the difference between the pairs, which should be the kid also in the office, how much should the hymmetry set.
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