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A teacher gave birth to a baby at school

A teacher gave birth to a baby at school

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Interestingly, the school year started for a teacher who had originally been expelled on September 17th with the baby. However, the baby arrived earlier, on September 3, and the mother gave birth to the child at school, more precisely before birth.

In school, the baby was born by a teacher, teacher Lindsay Agbalokwu of Colorado experienced early in the morning, but she gave it to Braxton Hicks instead of giving birth to a baby. So he used to go to school, the way he teaches 6th grade, but as he said, his pain jumped from 0 to 100 in the classroom. The teacher asked a colleague to replace him in the class and then informed the headmaster and the dean of the status sheet. Colleagues began arguing about whether to summon rescuers, and the teacher announced that be sure to dial 911 because the baby is about to arrive.While they were talking to the 911 dispatcher, the lady received a call and the dispatcher coordinated the manager's phone to guide the baby. "I felt so much pain that I couldn't deal with the fact that these people are my bosses, after all they are both tired." "They were my support in this situation," Agbalokwu said. The baby - a baby named Zara - was born shortly before being transported to the hospital, and now they are at home safely with the rest of the family.(VIA)Related links: