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Just a little look

Just a little look

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His nose was red, his skin was soft, he had aged for one year and when he was frightened of asking what was wrong, the answer was "just a little look" ... You know a familiar scene?

You get annoyed

The public perception of Hungary does not consider colds to be a particularly noteworthy disease. That's right, as mortality statistics are really harsh, but of course, this does not alleviate the inconvenience caused by illness. Moreover, while the affected person feels awful, the head is the head, the throat is thinned, the flow is light, the body is constantly, cold-handed, not to eat, not to live, not to feel anything, home to your bacilli, don't infect us here. "They are consoling her colleagues for the vast majority of cases. While the patient would certainly be advised to go home and be ashamed of himself, it is also true that the Nephi is infectious at the same level as the drip infection, but only because he is not sick.

What's going on?

Cold, typical symptoms, strained pain, anxiety, etc. It is caused by inflammation of the nasal mucosa. The nasal multifunctional organ is responsible for cleaning, warming and purifying the air it breathes. If this does not work out completely - mucous membranes get into the airways, sudden cooling occurs, and the mucous membrane swells and enhances blood production. There are, of course, many other causes (chemicals, inflammation, allergies, etc.) in the background of irritable or swollen mucous membranes. Even the mucous membrane of the body is not clear, translucent, not gummy, but slightly salivary. If its nature changes, it is watery, or on the contrary, it becomes dense, possibly purulent, and it is a sign of some disease. . Our body, after a certain illness, is protected from the disease, but because several hundred species and serotypes of the Navroverses are knownit is understandable why you can get it many times in the autumn / winter season. Our body's defense mechanism works against infectious For example, if you are depleted of energy during a stressful situation, during an exam, due to anxiety or for other reasons, you will be more easily exposed to the most serious infections. In this way, the classic cold also works: cooling reduces the body's ability to resist viruses.

Liquid drainage

It starts with a sore throat with a slight discomfort. A painful, tight sensation is applied to the nose around the forehead. Then it will soon start to have whooping cough, hypertension, muscle pain, runny nose, mild cough. After half a day of latency, the condition feels worse, and the head can get worse, which is also caused by the rise in heat. Large quantities of mercury, watery, after one or two days, become dense, purulent. The throat is further exacerbated by the fact that nasal congestion causes us to lose air through our mouths, making the pharyngeal mucosa dry. Symptoms of cold sores usually last for a week, and most cases disappear within 7-8 days. Simple nettle can cause more severe events, such as pneumonia. However, if a bacterial infection also affects the body, then superinfection is more serious illnesses can also develop. This is indicated by the fact that the color of the balloon changes because it already contains pus cells. If vбladйk besыrыsцdve encapsulated, elzбrуdnak the jбratok, you elхfordulhat face йs orrmellйk- and homlokьreg-gyulladбs.Mivel ьregek these are the цsszekцttetйsben fьlьreggel also fьlfбjбs also kнsйrheti. Flu is more like a cold in several symptoms, and the two are often mixed in the public mind. However, not all people can get flu, but all influenza comes with them. The difference is that the flu is of viral origin, it is viral, and because it can affect other organs, like the whole body, it usually has other symptoms, such as fever, and limb pain.