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Where do you want to go on holiday?

Where do you want to go on holiday?

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Summer is here, your vacation can start. With babies and small children, you can safely start the big world. Here's an idea of ​​how to prepare for the big trip.

With a small child, planning, organizing a vacation, choosing the ideal place to stay, and even choosing a country is a major challenge. There are a number of aspects to consider in order not to beat the army, but to come home fresh from summer, full of freshness.

Hatabron from here and beyond

Both foreign and domestic holidays have their own advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering. If you are managing a narrower monetary frame, or if your baby is moving, then it is worth considering staying within the borders. Traveling will be shorter, and you can stop for a little stretch or run for a few minutes. The indoor pool or playground can be an important consideration when choosing a place to stay, even on rainy days. If you decide to go to the beach, you can look for a relaxing vacation with great care. It is a good beach where the water is warm and the sea warm. Even in the middle of the summer, the Black Sea is not necessarily warm enough to be pancake-hot, but it may be a good place for Greece, Italy, Cyprus, South Turkey or Croatia. In these places, the weather is much more predictable than at home, and if we know our kids are very cuddly on the beach sand, they don't have to have a number of kids programs to choose from.


A real kid's water paradise, the biggest attraction is the dolphin park, where you can also swim with the dolphins.
Dating in Austria, Lutzmannsburg
A real baby and kid's paradise. Several hotels were built for the bath, but they are all tied up in a tunnel, which means you can go through the bathrobe. Facilities include a stroller for transport, a stroller in the bathtub, high chairs, toys, a restroom…

However, in the case of larger brothers, there is a serious risk that the hotel will be ready for the family. For a couple of years it is not a curiosity to have animators working in the hotels, providing indoor activities for the little ones, organizing competitions, and crafting and creative activities.


Mátra, Adrenalinpark
Great entertainment for all ages: playground, adventure park, wellness, all at an affordable price.

Choose the right accommodation!

The hotel is most comfortable for parents, children find it harder to hide in enclosed spaces and to make meals. Of course, there are more and more hotels ready for the baby, but with babies only one microwave can be used to warm up the baby.


Upper Boulevard (near Eger)
Great family hotel, though not one of the cheapest. Next to the restaurant there is a playroom, a wellness pool for the kids, an outdoor animator for the little ones in the summer, and the most unique thing is: in the hotel there is a whirlwind that you can't love, even the little ones. The apartment is a comfortable solution for both small and large. It can be cooked, reworked, and generally has a larger volume than a hotel room. An important aspect, however, is how well equipped it is.
Only choose a campsite with a small child who is up for the challenge, and is happy to run hundreds of meters full of billiards to the sink. It is also good to keep your mind on the cold food when you eat it, even though you have to eat fruit or raw greens from your eight meals a day. Dulutan anesthesia is difficult, because on a sunny day the dusk in the tent is close to a boiling point and ambient noises can be a bit disturbing. However, it is an indisputable fact that you do not have to carry stuff all the way from the beach to the water and have breakfast and sunbathing on the beach. If you choose this wild novel solution, have your plans ready for the rainy days!


It has a direct beach and is so large that it is not overcrowded in the hottest period, which is rare in the Italian Riviera. With multiple locations, everyone will find the right one for the family.

How are you traveling?

Don't plan on traveling too long with your little baby in childhood with patience! If you are, maybe drive at night! If you are closer to your destination, make sure that your trip is either before or during Sleep. There's a chance your little gal will go down the road and come relaxed and fresh.
Fly-by charters for departure and arrival of summer charter flights can overload your daily routine, so be sure to have the fun if the little one is worried about it. Older children may have a new, creative play, beading or coloring good suspicion of distraction. Since you can only carry a certain amount of liquid on board, do not pack more glass cases as they will be lost due to security controls. Naturally, unopened babysitters and baby bottles are not banned. You can push the stroller to the machine door, fold it in and let it move the person inside the machine. When you arrive there, you can get it back at the bottom of the stairs or with more.
The babies are given a baby bib for their overnight delivery, which can be attached to the mom's lap. If the cabin crew don't give in automatically, feel free to give up!

What do we have to pack, or do we have to carry the whole household with us?

This primarily depends on the preparation of the accommodation. A baby is usually everywhere, but a kangaroo or a carrycot or a lightweight umbrella stroller should be included. On a domestic vacation, you can buy a wholesome bar, just like fruit or green, but if your child is eating the same thing as us, it is not worth going home. Many hotels specifically make the choice so that the little ones will find something to their liking. However, for the summer, be sure to prepare 40 or up to 50 factor sunblock, a small cap, a cloth, a rubber band, a Christmas tree and sandbags. Don't leave your favorite storybook or movie at home as this can give your little ones home security!