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Victoria Beckham creates new fashion

Victoria Beckham creates new fashion

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As usual, Victoria Beckham stumbles upon high heels while she takes on a couple of weeks old girl, Harper Seven. But the page title of the pages did not go like this, but by proclaiming aloud that she would breastfeed and treat her with homeopathy.

That's not the same woman!

Three boys here or there, so far no one has taken Victoria Beckham's mother-in-law seriously. Maybe because it is from clothes, births or baby tables - the former Spice Girl went after her own head. If you are a baby, then you should boast not to bother. If you have shoes, you have the highest heels, it doesn't matter if your head is back or foot. And baby feeding? Naturally, it was formulaic, since she had no idea of ​​breastfeeding her curvaceous breasts or waking up next to her boys at night.

Everything else became inside!

But something has changed now. Although the body is the same - a skeleton woman in big sunglasses, draped designer clothes and brutally high-heeled shoes - everything else has become there. The baby she was expecting was a real-hearted mother from a pop of pop. He had decided that Harper Seven would get the best of everything, even if it involved sacrifices. To this end, she had her implants removed before pregnancy to ensure that there was nothing to stop her breastfeeding, and whatever she had done during the pregnancy, she had taken the morning sickness, only taking homeopathic remedies. Because Victoria was very worried and her blood pressure was low, her doctor offered her an extract of the uterine extract (Ipecacuana), which she was so eager to decide that little Harper Seven would be a real homebirth. after that, the doctors didn't recommend her - but insisted that she and her baby give her a mountain bat (Arnica Montana) after birth, which reduces the bleeding from the mother and the possible bleeding of the baby. Victoria also took a wound healing aid (Staphisagria) for up to two weeks after birth, which improves wound healing and prevents scarring.
Victoria was all alone Kate Middletontуl got the name of the best homeopathic doctor who is, of course, the one who treats the kernel, and who is rumored to give the young princess fertilizing agents to get the bloody trunny as soon as possible.