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Fish Papers - DIY

Fish Papers - DIY

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Funny papier-mâché simply.

One of my childhood favorites was the Tulip Balls pepper games, quick and easy, but there is some magic to it. . Plus, once you've got it, you can come up with some other funny, sketchy ideas.Then fold down the top of the folded sheet.Turn the page 180 degrees.Let's draw a merry fish on the folded sheet.Now fold the sheet.And draw the fish so that its mouth is open. (Let's illustrate the previous drawing.)Then the coloring can come.And you can play at last. Show the child how the fish will bite.If we have trained ourselves well, we can think of figures figuratively: a kid, a grumpy dog, a laughing horse.
Awesome fun game and happy holidays! Anikу Rбcz's blog is HERE.


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