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When should I buy a car?

When should I buy a car?

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Take into consideration the baby's weight, length, and even a few tiny aspects!


Primarily the the weight of a child is control over the choice of car. The baby's first car is the carrier, and it can be used from the first days to the 13-pound weight limit. Up to 18kg in this category is rare, but it is clearly good to travel in this small, safer, turnaround position for a longer period of time.

It is important for your child to travel in the car in a safe and secure environment, from birth to twelve years


The other aspect is the length of the child. Idхnkйnt raise the height of the safety belt, remove the narrow inserts to increase the interior space. It doesn't matter if the little foot is flabbergasted, but pay attention to how long your head is! If you have a larger part of your head than the top third of your seat, and there is no more support available outside, it's time to buy another one, even if your baby hasn't reached the weight limit you specified.


The next category will have a longer lifespan, with the last child being used the longest. Therefore, consider the aspects that are considered secondary: grace, side-page extensibility, a washable, replaceable cover can be much more important over a long period of use than the first, quickly outgrown, little-used carrier.We need to buy an immediate replacement if the car was damaged or damaged.Related articles in the Authors topic:
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