They were very much expecting but could not give birth

They were very much expecting but could not give birth

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Some have only a tiny bit of life. A few weeks, a little tomorrow. They are the ones we talk about the hardest. We have the least words in this history.

They were very much expecting but could not give birth

Blessed the state. It literally expresses what the word can mean. This shape shapes our expectation, our faith in the future. The blessed state comes from a fresh start. It is incompatible with anything that does not symbolize it and is incompatible with elvesztйssel, the halбllal.

The perinatal cure

But thousands of women, women, lose their fetus in pregnancy or birth, and unfortunately we wouldn't talk. As if we did not dare to speak, since one of the most veiled death taboos is the loss of the fetus. for perinatal healing valу viszonyulбsban as if lennйnek kapaszkodуink the kцrnyezet and tыnik often compared йrzйketlennek kьzdх the gyбszukkal szьlхkkel who ъgy йrezhetik, nyomбs alб kerьltek: fast tovбbblйpйst the gyбsz early lezбrбsбt vбrjбk in tхlьk.A vesztesйghez kapcsolуdу kуrhбzi йlmйnyek the egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйnyekben dolgozуk felхl jцvх and the reactions often make it harder for the fetus to stop and say goodbye to the fetus. Singer Magdalen, physiotherapist, says that hospital conditions mean that babies are exposed to even greater emotional need. And in this atmosphere, fear and influence increase, so every word and sentence of the doctor, every non-verbal sign of the nurse becomes more verifiable. Jaksity Kata also a presenter who lost her fetus at the age of 24 when she was 24 years old. And the honest story shared with our readers also leads us to a very sensitive area. "The doctors said that since my child is not legally a person, I cannot bury him. I don't know what the" usual "rule is at that time. You can't decide what to have with a child, only one mother can do it! I couldn't bury my baby, so today there is no shade to bring flowers to. But now would be 19 years old. "

It's a little life-ending

Such an unpredictable one, and very difficult to process loss Afterwards, there may be a number of queries and to-do listings that do not have any guidelines or practical tips. And the first reaction to losing is often denial: the mother who lost the lion doesn't even feel like she's about to see a child in the world. Lбthatom it? Can I say goodbye to him? What's my funeral assignment to do - lots of requests, so many decision situations, all of which are important to the subsequent funeral work.

What does the law say?

The response to these requests is quite sensitive and requires proper knowledge of the law. That is why I called for help from the Dr. St. Mary's Law Office Dr. Stimrey Mabria A lawyer who specializes in health law and his fields of expertise include health law, pharmaceutical law, medical law, and labor law. In my 25 years of law work, I have gained more than a decade of experience in medical "perverse" medical knowledge. And practice determines what the law clearly defines who has what rights.

Ombudsman Report

2010 Szabу Mbi The Ombudsman was contacted by an editor of a website that provided psychological and information support to parents who had lost a child. In this submission, the Citizens' Rights Commission has been called to address cases of abortion and perinatal death, and it is stated that Other concerns were raised: in perinatal deaths, many cases of death do not occur, and hospitals typically try to dissuade parents from He also denounced several Hungarian institutions for his practice of error.Dr. Responding to Kata Jaksity's health lawyer, Marim Lawyer of St.imrey Marria, said that the point is clear here too: the hospital did not act legally in this case.

What you need to know

As communication in the hospital, as in the 2010 submission, is often heard about the importance of the age of 24 weeks and the importance of 30 cm length and 500 g weight, it is important to understand the meaning here first. Dr. St. Mary's Law, Medical Law also helped summarize two legal terms related to this difficult topic:Perinatal death
The law uses this term if the death occurred in the uterus after the 24th week of pregnancy, or if the fetus in the uterus is 30 cm in length or 500 g in weight.Also in perinatal fish, when the death occurs within the Newborn, 168 in Ur, regardless of the length or weight of the Newborn. The deceased examiner must complete the relevant sections of the perinatal deceased certificate, and must also take action to dispose of the deceased. Typically, this involves transport to a pathology department of a health facility. Early or moderate fetal death
The law uses the term "early or mid-term fetal death" when the fetus is in the mother's womb for 24 weeks or less, It can be found that the fetus has a body weight of less than 500 grams or a body length of 30 cm, not including the twin birth at least one fetus. In such cases, a death certificate shall not be required. It is very important to understand that the above differences do not affect the rights of the relatives, ie the same applies to both perinatal and early-middling fish.What exactly does this mean?

There is a right to human dignity

Máté Szabou emphasizes that in Hungary (in 2010, the Republic of Hungary), every human being has an innate right to life and human dignity, from which no one may be automatically deprived. THE grace it is a right to human dignity. And the fact of the death cannot be that the deceased's memory, body or hearts are not protected by any legal protection. The tribute included the right to hozzбtartozу szemйlyisйgi jogбt vйdi.Szabу Mбtй jelentйsйben egyйrtelmыen confident that the intйzmйnyi practice that does not vetйlйs esetйn lehetхvй the dead fetus kiadбsбt the hozzбtartozуk szбmбra the mйltу mуdon valу eltemettetйs йrdekйben the hбtrбnyos megkьlцnbцztetйs ьtkцzik alkotmбnyi tilalmбba. The goodbye and all szьlхt, hozzбtartozуt entitled fьggetlenьl attуl to the lost fetus which idхs or how mйretы.Ezzel цsszefьggйsben the vetйlйs esetйn dead terhessйg maradvбnyainak egйszsйgьgyi hulladйkkйnt tцrtйnх megsemmisнtйse, we read or we heard, unfortunately, full mйrtйkben unacceptable йs malpractice is a gyakorlatбrуl tцbb place .

Things to do with the funeral

I heard Dr. Szentimrey Mбria ьgyvйd, egйszsйgьgyi szakjogбsztуl, according to a 1999 regulation of the stillborn fetus szьletett eltemettetйsйrхl intйzkedik the egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйny, if kivйve arrуl - kйrelme alapjбn - mбs szemйly kнvбn gondoskodni.Halvaszьletйs esetйn fact - bбr legal szabбlyozбs the egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйnynek or the physician does not explicitly oblige you to do so - it is possible for a close relative to ask your health care provider to bury the deceased fetus. "Take Care of Your Own" is, of course, not meant to be understood, but a funeral contractor. that women who have lost their fetus during pregnancy should have the right to decide whether or not they wish to have their fetus released by the health authority in order to save the fetus.

If the hospital takes care of the funeral

It is important to know that before burial, both the unborn fetus and the dead newborn should be stored in the hospital. The law also requires that the birth date of a stillborn fetus be marked with a sign indicating the date of burial and the number of the place of burial.In the case of premature or intermediate fetal death, abortion is indicated. gratis-as many other bodies are buried together. The cemetery owner (operator) must assign a separate storage room for this purpose. Detailed rules of procedure for the treatment of deaths in hospitals can be arranged in accordance with internal regulations, but there is no normative regulation on their mandatory content.

The chance of a biennale

There is also no explicit legal requirement to bid goodbye to the fetus opportunity for parents (or other relatives). On the contrary, as the Ombudsman reads in great detail, according to the experience of the Health Portfolio, if there is another, it is possible, as well as a well-established rule of law, that it is a matter of good health. there is, because parents lose an important part of their lives and bodies, to which memories, memoirs, memorabilia have not yet been concluded. That way, worship work has no teeth. Therefore, it would be psychologically important to deal with the dead child: fantasies, desires, images during pregnancy, and with the release of the child, the whether the close relative can be patient again in this case.

What would be good practice?

Significantly, Mabt also stated that it would be good practice for hospitals to make a written statement of the parents about whether they wanted to bury the child and examine the patient. discreetly say goodbye to the fetus. All of this would allow parents should be able to end the work of mourning process.


Helga йs Цrs I unexpectedly found myself trying to gather all the relevant information for this article. Young children of such a religious married couple were given 11 weeks of their lives. For Helga had lost her baby, known as Beash Eye, in her 11 weeks pregnant. All of this happened in 1999. The housewife chose to have their fetus lost from the church to be buried according to Catholic liturgy. However, the kуrhбz elzбrkуzott kйrйs elхl, csakъgy than patolуgia, and the szьlхk hajlandуak beletцrхdni were not into that - as a kуrhбzi dolgozуtуl megtudtбk - gyermekьket biolуgiai hulladйkkйnt йgessйk el.Vйgьl ьgyvйdi segнtsйggel elйrtйk to gyermekьket kiadjбk szбmukra, йs mйltуkйpp eltemethessйk. In 2004 it was published Drimmer Laszlo made a documentary with the name Bukaszem, Saturnand his father wrote a book MORE THAN BLOOD CINEMA. In doing so, he formulates thoughts that are bright for us all. Emphasize that parents have the right to bury their fetus, regardless of how long the little one could have survived. Society and religion must recognize this right and take it seriously.Related articles:
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