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Physical growth during pregnancy

Physical growth during pregnancy

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Some people think that a pregnant woman should eat what she wants and what she wants. But why is it important to pay attention to the meal and how much we gain during our diet?

Physical growth during pregnancy

How pretty and attractive a baby we are, if we don't put too much weight on our pregnancy, is probably "just" secondary. What makes it worthwhile to control and maintain a normal growth within nine months is the interest of the baby and the mother. Healing in these months is a natural thing, but the physical health of not only the mother, but also the baby, can be affected by the physique brought on by heat.Kata he says when he found out that baby blood was an insatiable hunger, and of course the plus jumps were leaping up. "I didn't care what the balance showed. It was good for me to frostbite the french fries and my favorite chocolate biscuit for a while. breastfeeding besides diet "- says the young mother in despair. how much you carry during your pregnancy is mostly a matter of asking. Many times I envied those women in their care who could not be told that they were having a baby. Incredible йn. I lost 15kg in my first pregnancy and 13kg in my second pregnancy, yet I felt like a baby who was at least forty above the average. So he came everywhere and was properly reformed. I was paying attention to my meal, and in the first few months I got more food than I got in ..., I ran regularly, yoga, and never became a belly button. Every time my doctor mentioned the dangers of being overly stressed, he suggested that not to be deprived of me,what you would love to do is keep on exercising as much as it feels good. Pay attention to your daily intake of fluids and vitamins. I wanted that hell of a bitch, like never before, I was ridiculously wrong, but I'm afraid most of the time I listened to my doctor because I feel like I have enjoyed the 2: 1 maximum.

What is the ideal weight gain?

According to statistics, it is largely bare 300 extra calendars are needed daily to allow the fetus to develop and grow properly. With a great deal of weight, those who lose weight during pregnancy and lose weight, or have low birth weight, typically have a baby who is overweight or big. that is, BMI determines how much a mother can gain. Several calculators are available to easily calculate the ideal weight change for us. It is a good idea when the springs come slowly and continuously as the pregnancy progresses. This means that if you have a lot higher in one month, you don't have to worry about it. You should not start losing weight, as this can even mean sudden weight loss.

Why Can Being Highly Exercise Dangerous?

Overexposure increases the risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, premature birth and complications of childbirth. Therefore, it is very important that with a varied diet, with healthy food Let's help and ensure the baby's normal development. Dieting can also pose a risk to your baby's health. It is advisable to consult with your doctor or physician regularly about the ideal weight distribution for each week of pregnancy, of course, taking into account your pregnancy weight as a starting point.

Come on under the bargain

  • Not only do we have to pay attention to how much we eat during pregnancy and how much we gain, but also what we eat is very important.
  • Nutritional foods are essential for your baby's development. The body also needs white, carbohydrate and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • The weight to certain foods may be typical. In the event that they are healthy, you should consume it, if you are not advised to eat it, but if you are very advised, consult your physician.
  • Alcohol should be avoided, and caffeine, according to some doctors, can be consumed with mildness, but it may be better to avoid it this lean month. High caffeine consumption can even lead to miscarriage.
  • A varied diet is necessary for the health of the baby and the mother.
  • Because of the importance of calcium for the protection of bones and teeth, and for the development of the fetus, we should not forget about the skin, and the iron, folic acid supplementation.

What are the extra kilos we should take into account during pregnancy?

Of course, not just because of the fat on our body, the balance jumps, but as the number of weeks increases and the fetus grows in size, so does its weight. the amount of water and blood; 500g, a mйh 6-800g. And besides, an enlarged breast can mean extra grams. So it can reassure pregnant women that "at least" a good baby six to three kilograms we can get rid of it relatively quickly after birth.You may also be interested in:
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