5 sentences to remember if the waves smash over your head

5 sentences to remember if the waves smash over your head

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There are moments when we feel the sense that we are not good parents or we are very tired, that we are running out of education or that our energy storage is completely exhausted. Then you really need something that got out of the pit.

Let these 5 sentences circulate all over your brain, and when you need it, you can call it power, stand up and move on!

1. The child's personality is constantly evolving / changing

Of course, this is not new, though sometimes we tend to feel that what we are seeing now is a deadly thing. Not as you, however, are constantly learning, experiencing, and changing. It is also worth reminding yourself that you should also notice your qualities, not just how hysterical, how abusive, how profane, or how naughty you are. Focus on your positive attributes and know that it will change over time!

2. You do not always have to solve the problem

Obviously you want to help her mother in everything, but you don't need to. He also has to buy his own little battles, go through things. If you break, you won't be able to save everything, and you don't have to! Most importantly, be there when you need it and make sure you are able to cope with it, whatever the hell it is.

3. Everything will never be perfect

You might have thought that when motherhood was over, as the baby grew, everything would become lighter and better. Unfortunately, we have to be disappointed because you will never come to the "all perfect" status. If you have waited a long time to make your child older, more mature and more independent, and to have some order in the home instead of a game-filled Irish chaos, you should breathe in the air.

4. Forgive yourself

We are all human. There are lighter days when everything goes smoothly, and on other days you get upset, yell, and of course you regret it. But as long as you can admit that you make a mistake, you can get there, you can apologize and you can talk things out, there is no big deal. And what is very important: forgive yourself! If you can do that, you will be much liberated, and everything will be easier. Do not want to be perfect, the "good enough" point is enough and you are good enough, believe me!

5. You don't have to do everything for you

The child can also put the laundry in the washing machine and your couple can cook the dinner (sometimes). You don't have to do everything! Nowadays, moms want to be super-moms and constantly stress to be able to live up to this idea. This is a terrific gravity to their shoulders, but they don't give up. Completely unnecessary. No one expects to be a super mom. If you feel like you do too much, give me down, ask for help and smile more! Believe me, after all, everyone in the family will profit more than always living in the house.
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