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Metal chips may have entered the leafy leaf

Metal chips may have entered the leafy leaf

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Metal shavings may have moved into Lidl's leafy bowl, so he called the product back. The payment is cleared.

Metal shavings may have entered the leafy post (photo: iStock)Lidl Hungary - Responsible Company - has informed Nabih that it is a waste product, it is recycled due to purely metallic waste, and is recycled.
Lidl has placed information in the shops and on its website for consumer information.Brand details:
  • Mark: Culinea
  • Brand Name: Culinea Puff Pastry, Frozen
  • Packaging: 500 g
  • Manufactured by: Nynregyházi-Kenyérgyбr Kft.
  • Quality preservation time: 27.02.2021
Nebih asks consumers not to use it if they have been purchased with the items identified above.