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Parenting: handshake relieves pain

Parenting: handshake relieves pain

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There are those who are planning a paternal birth from the very first moment, but it is inconceivable for her couple to be in her bedroom with her. The decision may be compounded by a new research result: if our couple holds our hand, even the pain will decrease!

American and Israeli researchers have been studying a phenomenon called interpersonal synchronization, which is that people who are close to one another can "take on" emotions from the other, but also physiologically. Through it, two people's brainwaves are synchronizedand their rhythm of breathing and heart rate can also be matched. And this is it it can also reduce physical pain. The lead author of the study, Pavel Goldstein he was about to prove his theory by experiencing that his wife's parental pain was almost alleviated by being beside him and holding his hand.Touching relieves pain The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), involved 22 pairs who had been together for at least one year and had not taken part in a childbirth. Couples also had to play several puzzles (for example, they were in separate rooms, stayed in one room but separated from each other, and touched each other by touching the other) and then let the women out with a light smile. So I found that touching the couple's male member confirmed the relationship between the two, and women also found it more bearable"Compassionate, supportive touch pain can trigger mechanisms in our brain," Goldstein explains. "Grasping the hand can be a clear sign of understanding the other, re-thinking the pain." (Via)You may also be interested in:
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