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Esther's Diary - Week 20 Ready?

Esther's Diary - Week 20 Ready?

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Fйlidхben. We are ready for the mid-forty-week period, that is, the ultrasound of week 20 has come to an end, which again brings much excitement to the ignorant prospective parents.

Because there are a few who want to know for sure what's going on in the cold. Kid or girl?
So, this ultrasound repeats only one water, both in terms of baby's gender, name and physical condition. Giza was also in London, so he took me to Duchess for Daddy. Fortunately, the sonographic lady was the same as the 12th week, the Godfather of all smiles, my father, that is, the first grandfather of my future, and my poorest husband, who was just as lost. photos to memory. I quickly got a response to my first and decisive request about the gender of the baby, because the baby was infiltrated so we saw everything, and even with unopened eyes, I agreed that a huge bitch floats in the fetal water. A boy! Boy, that's a kid. As we called them in the village. We girls were just girls all the time, we came to the house, took care of the houses, took care of the poultry yard, learned to cook and cook well, to have a child, to raise a child. "You have to go to a place where the bed is high, Eszterkém," my aunt Somogyi always said when we visited her.
We just gave birth to a child, all grandparents would love it! Giza is not very talkative, her 95-year-old grandmother just said when we told her on the third month that I was pregnant, "I hope she will be!" And in this harsh and contradictory tone, the message of all the villages was included. Villages that are not cities do just as much as they do. Family main- tenance, strength, health and wealth are the key. The beauty, the mind, is secondary. They are not necessarily profitable, in fact. Although I, as a city girl, had no reservations about either gender, I don't know what I was feeling. First and foremost, I remember a lot of people who were so sure that he had a son in my stomach. But how did you know? You deserve to be a girl! Just not to be right. Even with the first child, gender is the least important, and if the result is none, then the outcome may not be a great disappointment. It's not really worth sticking to a picture, because it will probably keep the baby in check if she is not ... Giza is happy, at least it has been revealed in the SMS, will. Now you can start the Namesing Mizia, Andris, Bence, Botond, Erik, Bron, Marci, Barnabas, Kishosmari, and the like. But Géza won't be easy to say.
We're sleeping on a workable couch, a week from our French bed. Slowly we need to make our small hall more usable. Nor is it worse, but you have to get used to it. Ru-gal-mas sбg. I repeat this. Not only should the mattress be flexible, but now we can be made and made of bodies and souls ... hollow. It's been 20 weeks since the wind of change has come. I don't know what it will be like, a little puke or a stormy and turbulent whore, but I like to get ready.
It was a party, there is and will be. I feel that Svung is up and about, just before dawn. I join Csabi and Gyırk sometimes, since I'm more of a cumbersome runner than a full-featured, crazy-page engine, but it doesn't bother them. They are cute. We were last at a party in a gallery in Budapest, the mood wasn't so high that I danced to my fullest, so Csabi and I went over to another musical-dance-where, where. We made five pairs. The parties are good in the belly until everyone is around me (the dead end is between 2-3 o'clock in the morning), from then on I can only rely on my defense reflexes, just falling for me, me, me, me, I had a fick wanted to caress her because she loves pregnant women. You have many kids, you know. Wow, I don't know. And once again there was the good hair, old Dominique Strauss-Kahn (aka DSK), whom we always cheer for, because he looks really like a French wine on a boat, stays stiff all night, looks pretty with his eyes closed, бldozatait. Those who probably aren't coming in ... That night, too. If I smell the mint, I can go for you many times.


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