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So get ready for wickedness!

So get ready for wickedness!

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Who has a harder time divorcing when a child goes to wits? Are you her mother? How can you ease integration so that it is smooth and easy?

So get ready for wickedness!

At the beginning of the '70s, he worked in a bank in a senior management position. At that time, the expectation was for women to return to work as soon as possible, so it was difficult to let their 6-week-old child go to worship. Years later, I remembered how difficult it was to feed the box and the baby into the wicket that morning , who pushed a stroller in the yard. Of course, she jumped in suddenly, since in the ward it is possible to give children from the age of half a year (up to three years), though the majority of parents, if possible, and separation is not easy, neither mother nor child. How can you make it easier for you and yourself to get divorced and get used to the witchcraft?

Starting with you!

It is important that first make the decision in yourself you are going to give your child goodbye! This is not only about the practical part of things, but also about inner spiritual work. It helped me a lot to share my doubts and fears about it. Interestingly, he looked at the Vienna request from a completely different angle, which helped me to clarify a couple of things. I tried to focus on the positive things: my son gets into the community, he will feel countless positive effects, and I will return to work.


Describe your chosen business well, talk to your nanny and educator to make sure you are putting your child in good hands! Before kindergarten, it is primarily their people (and not their classmates) who will be important to the little one. In a loving, safe environment, you will also find it easier to let go. Come and see what you can count on and what your special needs are! Discuss that you are in the process of cleaning the room, and how the hell do you handle it! Ask about your routine and your way!

Tune in!

The habituation does not begin on the first day of worship, but sooner. In the weeks before the start They jumped in goodbye to your everyday life! This does not mean that day and night, the wake-up call should be your talk, but if the opportunity arises, tell him about it. Tell her what's going on find out what stories you are going to write in your wits Find related stories, draw drawings!

Social conditions

It is definitely helpful if your child is not experiencing public health first and foremost. If you have the opportunity, look for me other children and parents: Playhouse, small group activities, playgrounds.It helps a lot if other adults have taken care of the child before: if possible, sleep for 1-1 days with your grandparents or take care of it!


It may be difficult to ask for breastfeeding from a emotional point of view. If you are breast-feeding your baby, it is by no means a drastic separation. It works beautifully if you leave the morning and evening breastfeeding, but only the evening, while shifting from daytime breastfeeding to other meals. In the first period - Luckily, breastfeeding is not a problem in weaning: children can sleep extremely well even if they stay attached at home. A favorite cat, blanket, or plush character can help with the situation.

Don't Planet!

In the weeks leading up to wickedness, be cautious: don't change your routine, your daily routine drastically! Don't change your room now, it's important that you feel safe and comfortable with routine people, things, and things.

So consistent!

It is important that your child Feel the peace of mind and confidence! You know, at this age, they use sensitive receptors to scan their mothers for anxiety and insecurity, which they also intensify. Remember! Your child will have the good that gives you peace of mind and security! Weaning is always a longer process do not cause great trouble the expectation in the child is that the initial couple of visits will be longer and the child will stay there shorter and longer. The divorce is almost always painful, which, according to experience, often ends up as the parent stepping out the door.Do not show that it is difficult for you to love it, because this is the thing make sure you go for it! This is good if you say "When you get up", "When you get a snack" let's keep up with it from the very beginning!
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