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What does Balance play? (IX. 23. - X. 23.)

What does Balance play? (IX. 23. - X. 23.)

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A social-friendly figure, for whom it is more important than average to receive constant feedback from yourself.

He's a child

That's why one of his favorite "toys" is another kid, a good buddy with whom he can reward the virtues of community action; you can party, play ball, or just discuss current events. things are aesthetically pleasing Of course, the boys are not out of the military and similar wild games. In addition, the Balance Child may tend to shape the day in a very comfortable way - when he does, he is lying down happily, flowing, counting, so his parents pay more attention to spending sufficient time in the fresh air. Mostly one of the players on the top or on the swing we find it - a person who is striving for harmony, equilibrium, social need is very much symbolized by the balance price.
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