The best immune-boosting meals in the cold

The best immune-boosting meals in the cold

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Our bodies are exposed to countless viruses and bacteria in the cold. We can help with different meals in the fight and keep in mind that stress, sedentary lifestyle and inadequate nutrition just hurt the immune system.

The best immune-boosting meals in the cold

The body can overcome the problem of invading viruses and bacteria by eating foods that have antioxidant or root canal action. The immune system also benefits from omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish (salmon, herring, anchovies, mackerel) and, for example, in fish. we find it in flaxseeds.Let's see what foods we should take naturally in our body.


It is also commonly referred to as a natural antibiotic, which is the most effective aid in preventing and combating disease. Best in raw state, mixed with water for excellent sore throat. In addition, it fungi, cleanses the blood, improves concentration.


Kiwi fruit has a vitamin C content that is comparable to that of citrus fruits. Its undying effect is well known. You can drink it in the form of a smoothie, put it in yogurt, and of course on your own.


Probably everyone has come across it, but it is also known as jam, swallowtail. It contains plenty of B and C vitamins. Relieves stress, speeds up metabolism, and benefits the immune system.


It is extremely immune-boosting and contains a lot of vitamin C. Those who do not like it because they are bitter should consume it mixed with honey.


Pain-relieving and effective in the treatment of cough suppression. It is best to eat raw or in tea form. It is very effective when mixed with honey and garlic.


The pectin bar found in the apple passes through the digestive tract immaculately, but it is important for bacteria living in the colon: keep the immune system in good condition.


It is highly immune-boosted and contains zinc, selenium and beta-carotene. Due to its weak, strong antioxidant ingredients, they fight the disease.Further articles on immune boosting:
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