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Incontinence Before and After Birth - What Causes It?

Incontinence Before and After Birth - What Causes It?

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During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles may weaken, and during birth, the muscles of the pelvis may become weak, which is why many women struggle with postpartum urinary incontinence. What Causes Pregnancy And Post Incontinence And What Can Be Done Against Complaints?

The pelvic floor muscles weaken

- The occurrence of incontinence during pregnancy is due to a changes in the position of the bladder and the cortex with growing bees - Thus, women with weak pelvic floor muscles and possibly overweight may develop urinary incontinence - explains dr. Seven minutes GborAccording to the practitioner, how common this problem is is difficult to cure because it is often only a temporary complaint, or maybe just a few drops of urine, which many mothers do not treat. - It really is from a slight drip to a serious overflow urinary disorder may be different. In some cases, the problem occurs early in pregnancy - when the small pelvis still has a pregnant baby - even though it is more likely to be pregnant in the near term due to the pressure of a large pregnant baby.

Does the problem resolve itself?

Incontinence is often spontaneous, a couple of days after birth, sometimes spontaneously, and in most cases, surgery is unnecessary. During pregnancy, the solution is not very likely to be incontinence, rather it can be done before or after. - Being prepared for it to happen - for example, it has happened in the family to my mother, my baby, so my congenital pelvic floor muscles may be weaker - more than just wanting. Postpartum gymnastics help, which is worth doing even if you have stopped incontinence - called attention dr. Seven minutes Gbor.Incontinence Before and After Birth - What Causes It?

That's why intimacy is here

And intimate gymnastics during pregnancy can help you to prepare your muscles for birth, keep your brains healthy, and even help your baby. With the intimator, you can work your pelvic floor muscles to prevent or eliminate incontinence.
- Anyone who has become pregnant during pregnancy may have a higher chance of having menstrual incontinence. The reason for this is the weakening of the muscles of the buttocks, and it is therefore not possible to emphasize the need for intramuscular exercise. is, well, a it also has a positive effect on sexual life.

Okay, if we use a letter

During pregnancy and post-natal incontinence, it is very important to find the most comfortable products that will make everyday life easier. It is worth choosing a liner that is specifically designed for urinary incontinence, with adequate breathability and skin odor.
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