4 Things Parents Can Do to Kill Your Child

4 Things Parents Can Do to Kill Your Child

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We do everything we can to help our child develop a positive image. In spite of this, we make mistakes, say things that can negatively influence our child's appreciation.

4 Things Parents Can Do to Destruct Your Children (Fotу: iStock) We should keep in mind that the mistakes that we make with our children do not always affect them negatively. In order to avoid these mistakes, we first need to know what they are. Now, here's an example of parental downsizing behavior.

Shouting and punishing

Nothing lowers your appreciation as much as yelling and beating. When we yell at the kids or get beaten up, we show that we can't control our hat and want to get over it. What is it like? Sometimes we all yell at our children, and in some cases we also grab their arms. We are not proud of these actions, but it is important to recognize that megfйlemlнtjьk хket.While it may seem as if you have managed to prevent further bad behaviors, they are really only meant to make you feel weak. Shouting parents and stabbing parents prevent the child from constructively trying to talk about the problem, resolve the conflict and establish a healthy appreciation.

Black currency is buzzing

Once a problem has been solved, do not mention it. It should be possible for the child to always start with a clean sheet. Parents who recall past grief teach their children to be angry. Children also need to be aware that once this is done, they will think of the past. The more we empower children because of their positive choices and forward-looking choices, the better they will feel. And at the same time, it is more expensive that they will be less likely to repeat past mistakes.


It's one thing to sometimes ask your child how they would feel in our place or in someone else's situation. but many parents often break the line with this behavior, And it only requires that the child feel guilty for his or her thoughts, feelings, or actions. Parents who try to control their children with guilt, they can easily be alienated by themselves.


We speak of sarcasm when we say something that we do not take seriously, but rather the opposite, and try to express it by emphasizing it. Using sarcasm against children can be detrimental, as they may feel light-hearted. Sarcasm can be a barrier for parents who want to communicate effectively with their children.

It may be too bad to be appreciated

In addition to negatively influencing self-esteem, the negative parental behaviors described above can increase defiant behavior in children. Children exposed to them suppress their senses, which may come sooner in a way that is much more harmful and anxious. Many children and teenagers talk about the negative feelings and actions that have come about because their parents have blamed them. (VIA)Related links:


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