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Dinra Sinbar: Our life has become round with Benji

Dinra Sinbar: Our life has become round with Benji

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The son of Dourra Sinbear, Benjamin is 5 months old. With her boyfriend, Zalán Makranczi, it wasn't secret for a moment that little boys were Down syndrome. How did you receive the news? Were they affected by this reaction?

Dinra Sinbar: Our life has become round with BenjiDinra Sininet's third child, Benjmin 5, was born 5 months ago. It was a little sunny when the couple announced in a news release that they were boys with Down syndrome. Dura Sininetar told Erika Vvlyi-Nagy about the past few months. Excerpt from an interview with the Women's magazine in the latest issue of Health.- How can you bet on such a hunter?
"You know, when I was in my tummy, I was thinking a lot about what new task this baby would give me." After all, I had overcome the hardships of my small childhood with two children, and learned a great deal with them. If Marcin is not so much, but Zorkan is very interested in the topic of parenting. So I felt like the subject that used to be a distraction for a beginner mom is that I'm ready. Am I not afraid of what will happen next night, if breastfeeding is not going, if my head is cold? sometimes I really thought I didn't know what I was going to do today. That's how I got my diagnosis.
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There are people who, when they get such a diagnosis - but be it in the midst of childbirth, oxygen deficiency, bipolar disorder - believe that it is a condition to live with. Within this, one recognizes the gift, and the other suffers a life-threatening loss. Then there are those who say that this is a starting point and we start with it. They look for solutions and start on their designated path.
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- Where do you place yourself?
- Those who are looking for solutions. But that's what I see in my life path, that's why I've lost it twice, that's why I'm always open to new ways. I believe that it is always possible to re-invent, learn from mistakes, and I also consider destiny only as a starting point. Our life is in our own hands. And, of course, the most important thing is to be happy wherever you are.
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- When you release Benjir's bulletin, I think the world is yours.
- There was a moment when I regretted dropping it on Facebook. But who, at the age of three, knew what our blood was? We had the paper in our hands, and we knew that if we had to go to different developers, they would be full of different ideas. This is what we wanted to do ahead of the bulletin.- Fuck you, what came after this?
- I haven't watched the internet after all, more importantly my spiritual peace. Obviously, I got a couple of graceful comments. He was saddened by the state of his state and the number of unhappy, envious, lonely people.- How did your third chromosome shock your relationship with Zalan?
- He brought us closer, if possible. Benji is a real baby. From 10 to 8 in the evening, he sleeps in his own bed, in the daytime, if he is not good at eating or eating, he looks up and grins. It has made our life wonderfully round. And Zalбn is a fantastic dad. And as before, everything in this story is a wonderful space.You can read the full text of the interview in Women's Women's Health.
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