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Festivals, theme parks, weddings, the Danube, the country - and this is just a few of the rich attractions.

Puppy Festival in Szentendre Spend a good weekend (13th-14th August) at Postbos beach in Szentendre! From the family puppy festival at the Family Puppy Festival to the fashion show to the fairytale house, you will find plenty of good programs. In addition to stage productions, jumpers, slides, rodeo bikes, luck bikes, clowns, portermaster, elated, balloon folding, face painting, playground, plant.

Night park at night

Due to the great success this year the amusement park is open every Friday and Saturday, from September to Saturday only, the usual open hours, till 2 am You can enjoy the fun of the games in the fall: Hippo, Dexzem, -hop, break cance, icarus, gateway to the world - horror racing, tower, spinning coaster, basketball, bull, laser jam, laser target, go-kart.
Night entrance fee: 2900 Ft
The Night Voucher (2900 Ft) can be bought in advance in our ticket money.

Amusement Park on the Island, Island on Amusement Park

If you are already up for it, check out the biggest festival in the country! The wurst, which is set up over 1000 square meters in front of the Grand Stage, is one of the most exciting of the 60 locations on the Island this year. be the East Eurуpa funfair tцbbek kцzцtt hagyomбnyos dobуjбtйkok, dugуs puskбs cйllцvцlde, mesecsуnakbуl horgбszбs, termelйsi jуsda, lottуsorsolбs Lуri nйni lakбsбban the vilбg smallest уriбskereke, erхmыvйsz, szakбllas nх, vattacukorбrus, mнg йjszakбnkйnt the amusement Interetno in International nevы nemzetkцzi band then muzsikбl .
During the festival you can visit the City Park of Várrosliget with a 30 percent discount with City Pass or unharmed Sziget wristband! It is worth taking a look because it has a new big eye: with two roundabouts, a group eagle slip and a "urnian polipp", the institution has become richer. to get married in front of thousands of people in a traditional Baroque style.
Of course, the all-day bustle also benefits the kids! Price swings, treasure chests, labyrinths, baroque playgrounds, craftsmen's shops, playful gold collectors and marketers.
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Since 2002, she has been waiting for her events in one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary, the Old Town. Country - Festival of Drugs and Ports. "Active Festival" - because it also functions as a training, educational and community form in the form of creative wines, workshops. The program features valuable, up-to-date artistic productions with top-notch performances from almost all artistic disciplines. 14 йn Szalуki Бgi you can watch the show on 16th Berecz Andrбs mesйl, 19-yn Gyorgy Ferenczi and the Rackajam ad jуkedvы concert. Organic farm, animal puppy, equestrian farm, puppy, ponytail. Oh, and distillery!