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Smaller tablet kids start talking less

Smaller tablet kids start talking less

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Specialists have pointed out that the use of tablets and smartphones can provoke expressive speech development or expressive speech disorders in toddlers.

Tableting has a negative effect on the development of small speech

As soon as arrуl dr. Catherine Birken, a staff member at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children reported that while pediatricians suggest that infants and young children spend less time in front of a screen, many people still give these tools a small amount. The study tracked approximately 900 Toronto children aged between six months and two years and as revealed by the surveys At 18 months of age, 20 percent spent an average of 28 minutes a day on an electronic device. Professionals have found that for every additional experience a child has with a device of this type - a phone, a tablet - the express, expressive ability, that is, the ability to Researchers reported their test results to those interested at the Pediatric Academy Meeting in San Francisco.Related Articles:
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