8 Tips for Workers

8 Tips for Workers

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Experts warn us that being on the alert all day is a health hazard, but with a few small tricks we can prevent the dangers to our body.

8 Tips for Workers

Based on the recommendation of the American Heart Company, we should perform at least 75 minutes of intensity per week or 150 minutes of low intensity movement, five days a week means two hours a day. However, as soon as that dr. Daniel Vigil, a colleague at the University of California at Los Angeles pointed out that this half-hour can be put into working hours and can reduce the risk of a stroke or in our daily lives, without the expense of exerting effort.

1. Move the bin away

Move the paper basket and other necessary items away from the desk so you can easily stand up and down multiple times at work.

2. If possible, go instead of email

If you want to talk to a colleague about something, go to it, not by phone or email.

3. Let's go to the next wash basin

If you go to the wash basin, pick another floor and go up the stairs.

4. You can also train under the board

You can also exercise your foot or arm discreetly from the board. Move, shake your leg, don't cross it. A little movement is more than nothing.

5. Move in a row when you stop

And in line, always stretch your neck, shoulders, and bend your knees several times.

6. Make a break for yourself at the meeting

If a meeting is longer in Iran, take a five-minute break on top of the meeting.

7. Park further, walk more

Park farther from the office, and if you are traveling by public transport, descend a few stops before your destination and walk the rest of the way.

8. Use applications

Download an app on your phone that encourages activity, such as a daily countdown or reminds you to take a break from your desk.