Baby's Development - Third Month

Baby's Development - Third Month

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A lot more structured days and the first sparks of personality: this month is a real one for babies and their parents.

Baby's Development - Third MonthIn the third month of their lives, babies continue to develop with unrelenting momentum, and this applies not only to their brains, nervous systems, or sense organs, but also to their size: they can grow big this month, which has grown. But there is not much to do: let them eat as much as they want, since they can use all their energy anyway. What's more important to the parent this month is that in the life of the baby, a sort of real agenda is about to begin to form.

More food = more sleep

Because by the third month of their lives, their nervous systems are reaching the level of development they need, and their stomachs are able to absorb more milk or nutrition at the same time (this month, they still have only one of them). They can, of course, wake up in the middle of the day, but sometimes they can fall asleep almost spontaneously - but if they persist for more than a minute, calm them down. However, this is definitely worth checking out, because this is how we can learn how to gradually sleep again. If we need to go to them, we may feed them in the dark / night light, or change their diapers, and then put them back in their beds. , warmth, and the basics of hooking up for them, so give them a lift as much as we can. pбrhuzamosan йjszakaival the living room and the babбk alvбsi routine is kiszбmнthatуbbб vбlik: kйt-hбrom, egyenkйnt mбsfйl-kйt уra szбmнthatunk this hуnapban tartalmъ szendergйsre tхlьk.A babбk velьk szьletett mыkцdйse reflexes, pйldбul the цsszerezzenйsekkel jбrу Moro reflexй you have already become more kevйsbй these йszlelhetх in the days; some babies disappear completely. Their neck muscles become stronger day by day, so we may experience less and less head fluttering, for example, when we move to our knees with our help. At this time, babies lying on their stomachs are able to support themselves so that their heads and chest can rise, and with their feet they can also kick and stretch. During their third month, babies moving around often open their hands to try to touch them further, move them around, and even catch them for a short period of time. The development of motor abilities is also accompanied by a significant increase in the brain: this is the basis for the later creative thinking in the body.

Messy, melody

This month, however, babies may not only be interested in the play, but also in all kinds of music, and, of course, they will be more and more aware of the sound that their parents are hearing and hearing. tхle. Their memory begins to develop rapidly, and it is still worth talking to them or telling them a great deal - because even if they still do not understand the stories, they still have to pay attention to the rhythm of the spoken language. the sharp contrasts, our lives are inspired by the colors, because we see them better. They are completely captivated by the human faces: they love to make eye contact and are easily captured by the mirrors. Let's introduce them to games of different colors, materials and shapes, but do not confuse them: first, if you get to know one thing at a time; favor those that can be shaken and produce finer tones.

Who am I, why am I?

It is extremely important for babies and the environment that this is the month when babies are about to lay their eggs and begin to connect more closely to the personality that begins their personality. For example, they can also smile at the feelings caused by their reactions (that is, they begin to practice so-called social smiles). if the baby cries a lot more then it is worth examining with the pediatrician for possible discomfort, such as reflux). Babies can communicate with gossip, vowels, and act well if we respond to them often and lively, and always tell them what they are doing and say what they are doing. We absolutely need to talk to your guardian or pediatrician if your baby is not responding to noises, following people or objects with their eyes this month, not licking at things, or smiling.
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