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Scandal: An unfortunate ad puts my father in the spotlight

Scandal: An unfortunate ad puts my father in the spotlight

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Many people are attacking one of my biggest German targets, because on Mother's Day, she said a public address in which the father couldn't even do the simplest thing.

With Mother's Daily Advertising, Edeka, the largest German supermarket chain that is considered by many to be sexist, is now being boycotted by the company. Because in my ad, we show that the father is simply incapable of performing the same everyday tasks as the mother, can't handle the blender, roughly put their baby's long hair and put their children in an awkward position. The ad also says, "Mom, thank you you're not a dad!"Dad is not capable of doing the same thing as Mom - Yeni is the video Over 2 million views have been uploaded to Youtube and 55,000 have indicated that they do not like it at all (as opposed to the 12,000 who liked it). The comments don't make the video, for example, "Daddy, thank you for buying Eden," and others say that better advertising doesn't have to be in competition, but some just keep the video clean. spokesmen said in an announcement after the ad was published, "they didn't want to portray their dad in a bad way; to launch "women" and "men" sausages. The sausage for women was not only smaller (and more expensive), but it was characterized by the fact that it was made from lean flesh, while the product recommended for men was over-sold. The packaging also followed this sexist attitude, one of them being an attractive lady, while the other featured a naked, muscular man. (Via)Also worth reading:
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