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Diseases During Pregnancy - Advice From Your Doctor

Diseases During Pregnancy - Advice From Your Doctor

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Many expectant mothers know the sensation when it becomes difficult for the evening to get a little tired. For those who are prone to it, the elasticity, function, and position of the leg endocrine system (womb) deteriorates with the increase of the sweet load from the beginning of pregnancy.

What is the reason that symptoms of rheumatic disease develop or worsen during pregnancy?

- I ask dr. Winey Lasslou a wound specialist, a retrospective clinic.
There is a tendency to return to illness. To do this, factors that are a part of pregnancy are used. Effect of hormonal changes in the female body the walls of the wines lose their elasticity, the function of the vine valves is also deteriorating. As the fetus grows, the uterus presses the abdominal main vein to the spine, thus mechanically reducing the possibility of the blood returning to the heart.
Heavy foot sensation is caused by stagnation, and the fact that the circulation in this state is unable to efficiently dispose of the resulting slag material causes the limb's metabolism to deteriorate. In severe cases, very painful acute inflammation can occur. Hormonal and mechanical causes do not just occur in pregnancy. Overwork or overexertion, too much, increases the likelihood of developing ailments. Hormone treatments, drug birth control, but also hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can cause complaints.

What treatment can your doctor recommend to your baby?

We do not perform any surgical or medical intervention during pregnancy as this may damage the health of the fetus. Fortunately, the superficial blood vessels become inflamed and usually have no serious events. Thrombosis in deep veins is a real danger as it can cause embryo. Then surgery is inevitable.
Treating surface feedback from a small child is aimed at relieving symptoms. The most effective way to achieve this is to exert a direct pressure on the soft blood vessels, that is to say using a compression treatment in the technical language. If your pregnant mother elastic dust or compressing pantyhose wearing, the inconvenience is greatly reduced.

Which method do you recommend?

They all wear the same effect. If they choose to lace up, the toe should be dusted from the toe before waking up, so that the tightness of the knuckle is reduced above the stock. Unfortunately, the side can become loose and slippery throughout the day, so you may not be able to keep it running all the time. THE compression stockings it is more comfortable and provides adequate pressure on the vessels all day long. It is more expensive than a resilient dick, but if it is prescribed by a specialist, it will come with TB. The dust and the tights should be worn from morning till night.

What do you think about creams, the wine gym and the different diets?

These procedures do not cure the patient, but somewhat alleviate the complaints. I think the most powerful is the wine tournament. This is easy to learn from physiotherapy. During the daily workout, the activity of the muscle pump reduces blood congestion. Walking and some sports also have a fun effect on circulation.

Exercise, rest your feet during pregnancy

However, the final solution, depending on the severity of the case, is through injection or surgical application. removal of diseased blood vessels means. One today visszйrmыtйt local anesthesia can be done in a short period of time, and the patient may lose his or her own leg after a little rest. With surgery, we only need to drop a few millimeters on the skin, leaving no trace of the procedure.

The layman would think that the lost great veins would absolutely miss the foot price system.

The request is logical, but be aware that the surface veins only perform auxiliary functions. The essential part of the delivery of red blood is the responsibility of the dermal system. Even if the lower limb is eliminated, all major varicose veins are still obstructed. Blood congestion and chronic inflammation would cause greater damage to the surrounding tissues.

Let's get back to my baby. When is it worthwhile to deal with the idea of ​​myths?

Some of the symptoms disappear during the post-natal period. Part of the blood vessels regain their elasticity, improving blood circulation. About six months after the child is born, you can see which area is permanently damaged and needs intervention. Fortunately, many mothers breastfeed even after the age of half, so I mentioned that only local anesthesia is used during the operation, which is not a danger to the baby because the medicine is rapidly degraded. Breastfeeding is not a barrier to surgery.

What should a mother who knows she wants more children do?

There is a widespread view that it is not worth dealing with varicose veins between two births. in turn the symptoms are aggravated from pregnancy to pregnancy. If the blood vessels that cause the trouble are removed after the first birth, the next baby will carry only minimal, purely cosmetic problems, so it is worth repeating.

Do you have to take into consideration when giving birth if you are struggling with feedback?

From a birth point of view, this form does not require any special procedure, but it may influence the mother's condition. Stomach contraction during fatigue and during exertion impairs the renal flow. The foot also freezes better, the smaller blood vessels may snap.
It would be nice if compression hooks No general effect should be found in the living room. Fission must continue after childbirth, as I mentioned, it will take time for the condition of the venous system to improve or it may be completely restored. The use of an elastic bandage is still needed for up to two to three weeks, so it is easy to prevent possible thrombosis.
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