After the election: what about the holidays?

After the election: what about the holidays?

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Unfortunately, few divorced couples can tell you they are dating and adapting to the other. Most of the time, when the big holidays are over, the problems come up.

What will happen after the election?It is rare for a father and mother to simply fall in love with one another, and to live without deafness, while raising their eyes to light is also a common task. Perhaps it is more common that they hardly agree on anything, with the exception of strictly defined visions, and they do not allow the child to go to the other, and everyone is trying to get their own right, often to the detriment of the child. However, if the little cuckoo is lucky, parents will struggle with their own hardships with their best interests in mind.

Birthday, Name day

You can plan weekly birthdays and birthday celebrations so that one day mom, daddy will greet the celebration. However, if one of the weekends is one, the other one is on the other, then you will have two weeks on the offer. The exact time of the holiday is worth discussing in advance, as the family members of the mother and father will also have to adapt. If you give birth at the last minute, it may be a problem for others and eventually the child will drink the letter.

Crazy fluffy…

As a divorced parent, my personal personality was a Christmas dude, when in our home - where we lived with my mother, my mother and my friends - we had a little grandmother, a father, a great friend, and a father. I remember the kids opening gifts and playing together while the adults were talking. And there was no tension in the air. Blessed with great sensors, I can control it even as a young child! Just as it was completely different from the classic norm, the bizarre family at that time, it worked perfectly and evenly on that dune. Then yes, I have to admit that I usually don't. But it felt so good to me at that time, and it felt so self-explanatory as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I can take this example out of my own life. I organized a party for my little son's baptism so I invited all of my grandparents with my couple, my child's father and his friends, godparents, aunts and uncles. Nor is it the usual cliché. But that was not the point. The essence was for the family to be present. All those who belong to my son. However, many similar examples could not be mentioned, because perhaps none of us have truly and honestly transcended our true or false affections. However, social programs do not go well. In any case, they can agree to break the big holidays according to the Ordinary Law. So the first day is always one, the second will always be the other parent. There are several variations for Christmas: you can discuss that Christmas is always the one the child lives with, and then the first or second day is the second. It is also possible that every year the child reaches the age of twenty-four. It is conceivable that the small one on this day in duluth spends a short time living outside, and during this time the other parent can prepare and stimulate the tree.

Summer break, summer break

If the court of law determines visibility, it also requires that breaks be halved. However, if you do, this is rarely the case, as the other side tends to forget about this logistically difficult question. I suggest you be prepared to solve the problem alone. Worshipers, kindergartens and schools can tell you the time of the breaks right after the start of the "school" or shortly afterwards. While witchcraft and ovis are usually one month, school holidays are two and a half months. Talk to those you can count on in time and share the weeks! Don't wait for your exed to discuss child care with your parents! If you are in such a relationship with your grandparents, you better consult! If one has only one quarter of his / her freedom, he / she will also have at least one week at his / her time. So if both grandparents, dad and mom are both pregnant for a week, it has been a month. And you can fill school breaks with a variety of tubs, but it's worth discussing the financial implications with your kid's father.

Flexible, consensual

If there is unlimited visibility under common parental control, you should be able to operate a well-functioning deceased family. You need to be able to make decisions in common, such as school choice, religion, sports, classes, and your child's future. If you decide to do so, consider carefully whether you will be able to consider and accept the views and ideas of the other, including your own.

If you can't agree

Dr. Attila Soltész family law
If the parties fail to agree, how does the law regulate viewing?
- If parents fail to reach a consensus, liaison will be determined by established casual practice, or minimum casualties. This means that the outdoors parent can see their child (ren) every other weekend, Friday at noon or Saturday morning to Sunday evening, and the Easter, Christmas, Easter, and Easter.
Can you take your child out of his or her child's birthday for a parent's birthday?
- The practice in Budapest shows that it is three, but according to the practice in the country it is two years old. In the meantime, visibility is determined by the foster parent's place of residence. In this case, it means less urine on a weekly basis.
If a sort of order has already formed…
- If parents are living longer at weaning (months after), the courts tend to consider established practices to minimize the risk of injury to the child as much as possible.Related articles in our selection:5 mistakes that divorced parents makeHow to deal with the child at the time of choice?12 tips to make your choice