Strip it or light it free?

Strip it or light it free?

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Old dilemma: do you have to wound non-medical wounds after cleaning and decontamination, or allow it to heal in the open air? How does your status improve faster?

Do we stick the wound?

Smaller or larger wounds on the knee, on the elbows - natural signs of childhood. Particularly striking in summer are the "combat" shots acquired in the heat of the games, as children in hats, shorts, and skirts are more likely to bruise their skins, and lessen their wounds. And parents can't help but treat these smaller bruises. After cleaning, it is disinfected, and then the question is: do you stick it or let it heal in the open air? However, according to recent research, the opposite seems to be true: it is better to stick it. At first, at least…

Choosing a vote is useful

When a child - or an adult - injures himself, the body begins to regenerate within minutes. The blood coagulates, so the bleeding stops and the wound releases mucous membranes, meaning it is moist. The wounds allow for wound healing and metabolism. But not the nutrients and antibodies that you inject into the wound, unfortunately it can also release unwanted bacteria into the body.When we do not stick the wound, its surface will dry out quickly, and there will be wounds that cannot drain. This stops the healing process and metabolism. Underneath the dry layer, you can also form another layer full of bacteria, dirt, and dead tissue - all of which can't be lost anymore.

They think they are superfluous

On the other hand, if the adhesive is glued and the adhesive patch changed regularly, the wound will remain wet, and the top layer in which the dirt is mentioned will be removed every time with the patch. This will help your organization get rid of what you no longer need. If the wound does not produce any more marks, the adhesive plaster is considered redundant. After this time, the air really helps the wound to heal as soon as possible. The patch keeps the wound moist, thus supporting healing. If the wounds do not come again, you can safely ignore the wound patch, now the air is more of a help for further improvement.
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