We may have weeks back from flu

We may have weeks back from flu

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Influenza is spreading rapidly, and more and more cases are severe. There are also fatal diseases in Romania and Croatia.

We may have weeks back from fluThere is officially an influenza outbreak, the disease is raging, and children are the most infected. The disease comes with high fever, dry cough, and depression and poor health. Type A is the cause of the disease at this time. Zsolt Hbmori he told the ATV that the smaller ones would need 3-4 days to recover from the virus, during which time they wouldn't go out and stay at home.Poet Gyцrgy, chairman of the Association of Home Pediatricians, says that while the baby is spreading among children in no time, it is not about the most dangerous, but of weakened or chronic patients. Because they are less likely to develop. Due to the national influenza law, there are only 75 hospitals in the country that have a visit ban. According to the pediatrician, there is always a chance for a preventive vaccine, two weeks before the vaccination. The spell can last up to 8-10 weeks, so there is a chance that someone who is inoculating himself or herself will be protected before he or she encounters the virus.Related articles in influenza law:
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