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Proper sports bra is more important than you think

Proper sports bra is more important than you think

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They train a lot on a daily basis, and women wear about 80 percent of their sports bras. However, this is important because active physical activity can damage the breasts.

Proper sports bra is more important than you think

Experts agree that if women do not choose the right sports bra, there is a good chance of back and neck pain, not to mention that the breasts or the breast muscles may be affected, more and more professionals talk about the importance of the right sports bra, according to research by two sports brands, Bandier and Nike about 80 percent of women wear inadequate bras: not only during sports but also on weekdays.Two brands are trying to remedy the problem in New York City for several days, which called on women to make sure that big white branding and triumph research are also encouraged: according to a survey of 10,000 women, about two-thirds of women wear inadequate bra, and half of them buy without too much trouble.
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