Do I need to give my child an antibiotic?

Do I need to give my child an antibiotic?

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This can be confirmed by a simple blood test within a couple of years.

With a new trial for a few years, a doctor can determine whether a patient's infection is of viral or bacterial origin, meaning that he or she needs to be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotic is ineffective - says the Index. Such a diagnostic tool would be extremely useful because it would reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics, as it greatly contributes to super resistantthat is, bacterial strains resistant to most antibiotics, according to a study by researchers at Stanford University.Symptoms are very similar, so very often it is not possible to decide what kind of infection the patient has - he said Timothy Sweeney, a lead author of the study at Stanford University's Institute of Immunology. Seven genes have been identified for the new blood test, which change in expression due to infection. The characteristics of the change can indicate whether an infection is of viral or bacterial origin. The blood test was able to accurately determine the nature of the infection in 96 severely ill children. However, the new method still has to undergo clinical tests before being approved for use. Another obstacle to marketing is the slowness of the test. You need to be prepared for a test that is capable of producing a valid result in Iran. There are currently six or more lungs needed for this. There are patients who have such a serious condition - including those with sepsis, that is, a whole body infection - that they have to treat every ounce women are at risk of fishing.Also read these:
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