When do we expect the next promise?

When do we expect the next promise?

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There are many factors that play a role in deciding when to expect the next thing to happen.

When do we expect the next promise?

Not only our physical well-being, psychological factors, but also our partnership, our career advancement, and the health and condition of the first-born child all influence timing. Ezйrt it would be difficult to say exactlyhow much time between them. This time we collected only medical recommendations.

After vomiting

If abortion occurs in the first trimester, most obstetricians recommend a waiting period of three months for another pregnancy. If you are in the second trimester, you are advised to wait for half a year.

After the baby

Okay, if at least three months later it will be another pregnancy.

After cesarean section

We shouldn't be planning another baby in one year. At least half a year between two births. It is not necessary to wait longer for this even if the baby had more than one pregnancy. In these cases, it is usually more common to have premature birth or to have premature delivery.When designing a new baby also consider the season! From a conception point of view, spring is less beneficial, because in this case our body's vitamin supplies are exhausted. We have been patching up deficiencies for the summer and autumn months. According to experts, the emotional, emotional and societal aspects of children are there are 2-3 years between brothers and sisters. In this case, all children receive the special attention and attention they need to balance their personalities. Significantly less than one year of pregnancy, autism was diagnosed with 150 percent. Researchers have found a correlation between age and autism, but for now, the exact causes are unknown.
(Szaktanбcsadу: dr. Boros Judit szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz)
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