Does the sex of your uterus depend on the speed of sperm?

Does the sex of your uterus depend on the speed of sperm?

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There are plenty of methods to choose from to help you choose the gender of your baby to be born, but most of them have no scientific basis.

Want a boy or girl? - This is one of the first requests a pregnant mother will get, and may even start in couples just before a family is founded. People have been trying forever to choose the gender of the unborn baby, and yet most of the wise councils are no more superstitious. Although some methods are based on a very scientific basis (eg, the vaginal effect of sperm influences the movement of sperm), they cannot yet be described as fully effective.Does the sex of your uterus depend on the speed of sperm? According to one such idea, if you want a girl, don't try to do it right at the time of ovulation, but one or two days before or after. The theory is that Y-chromosome-carrying sperm (that is to say, a baby boy) will grow faster, but not as persistent. If the sperm has to travel a long way to meet the egg, sperm carrying the X chromosome will be more successful. Results from a recent published study support this theory, at least in part, in mice. X and Y chromosomes not only differ in size, but also carry different genes. Japanese scientists have utilized these genetic traits to breed "hym" and "feminine" sperm. One of these genes, found only in X-chromosome sperm, clearly influenced sperm motility through the TLR7 / 8, two receptor. Researchers have activated these receptors in a specific procedure and found that, among the prepared mouse sperm, the production of X-chromosomes is reduced, and the Y-chromosome is reduced. The rate of modified X-chromosome sperm was only half that of Y-chromosome sperm. When using the fastest sperm for in vitro fertilization of oocytes, the uterus was 90 percent believers, while the slowest, the uterus became 81% female. this method is faster, safer and cheaper than current technology (eg sperm staining with special dyes). In the future, I want to work on applying the method to other species, but there is little chance that humans will be able to use it. Not only does this raise ethical concerns, but it has not been proven that human sperm behave in the same way. The results of the research were published in PLOS Biology. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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