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Secrets that nobody goes crazy about motherhood

Secrets that nobody goes crazy about motherhood

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There are many things we can learn from motherhood: books, forums, or just friends and relatives. But some surprises were not worth preparing for!

You will be singing in Blland

Even if you're not too musical. A baby brings everyone out of the show: you're ready to hit a song or dance to a dance whenever you see your baby entertained!Surprising things about the mother

You'll be a diaper shaker

You will replace so many diapers in the first few years that you will not only be super-trained in the operation, but you will also be able to determine which pelus will be comfortable for the baby and which one you will replace.

You can say goodbye to a regular home

At least for a while. For sure, your former magazine-friendly home will completely change, with doodles and albums replaced by colorful games and storybooks. Not to mention the possible bikes, rest, room swings…

Your opinion on the car changes

Whether you're a fan of big and strong sports cars, or a small "baby" car, when you have a baby, there are completely different aspects to choosing a car. How much do you consume? How easy is it to save? Do you have your baby, the stroller, the little motor, and all the stuff you need to carry with you?

You start translating your genes

You may not have had the curls on your face, the freckles or the curly hairs before, but if you take these babies back you will probably find them irresistible!

You start to feel a lot of empathy for other parents

In the past, you may have scornful looks for parents who are reluctant to have an orphaned baby in a supermarket, but if you have a baby, you will most likely go there and catch them. You know exactly what they are going through - you are facing the same problems as them.

Your relationship with your mother will change

Perhaps your mother will be your most trusted accomplice and, of course, your child's greatest fan. Perhaps you will get the best tips and the hottest words from him. However, you may also feel like you are trying to "lose" your attention, or you are even trying to say what you should do.

Your views on leisure and relaxation will change

A pedicure or a light hobby can be just as powerful as spending days at the beach.

Nhaha will totally horrify your child

You don't have to think about anything furry, but a baby can be surprisingly big, not to mention how many heaps she will produce in the diaper…

You can get a little taste of celebrity

As you appear somewhere with a baby in your arm, all your attention will be directed - along with all its negatives and positives. Everyone wants to know everything (even the most intimate details), and of course everyone will have one good advice.

Sooner or later you will fall out

You may be enjoying the first few days, weeks, but sooner or later, the moment comes when you feel sleepless and stressed by the new situation, and you feel that your mind is gone. Relax! You will surely be able to gather yourself up and face the new challenges. Because they will be too. (Via)Also worth reading:
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