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It usually starts in the middle of a rush and lasts up to a quarter. There are also many views of the chosen ocher. The loose abdomen may have been strained by rapid movement or the diaphragmatic blood supply may be temporarily inadequate.

Filters the side when running

Neither is a cause for concern. Do not do unnecessarily large things with it, it will only lose the child's pleasure from spontaneous movement. It is important that you do not sit down and slowly walk further, evenly breathing. Orron speaks the air, mouths his mouth. To anchor, stand on your toe tip and reach high, lower your arms and lean forward when exiting. It may be useful to press both arms down on the side to place the hand on the side.
You can prevent the problem by not eating or drinking a lot before exercising, or exercising regularly. According to some transporters, children who are accustomed to vigorous exercise, and several times a week, perform activities that cause them to drown in the whorls, do not dry their sides, and are more likely to occur in those who are rare. Other assumptions are that dry pain can occur in anyone, not just children, but also sports adults.
The key is probably that evйs-ivбsin a good posturein a rhythmin a lйgzйsben and a gradual loadhe is. The latter is difficult to control in children and the parent can handle the rest of the factors. Since the problem cannot be described as dangerous, there is no special task beyond the above practices.
  • Real pleasure is movement
  • Football is good for players, too!
  • No stops