Come on, parents, baby has arrived on M3!

Come on, parents, baby has arrived on M3!

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A couple of days ago, one of the leaders in the cheese believed that a pregnant mother had brought a baby boy into the car in the M3 lockdown. The family avoids publicity, with mother Zsufia Germ (32) telling her story exclusively to the Mother and the a.

Zoo and Three Sunny Balz

Each parent is unique. Zuffi knew this well, as he gave a little life to a baby three years ago. However, Kisfia, Balazs, was born out of everyday circumstances: she was born in a family car. Even an experienced mother can't be prepared for that ... "June 14th, dawn. Very strong headaches woke me up, but since they weren't systematic, I was calm. they also came out irregularly, and even though the amniotic fluid began to drain in the middle, I was sure we would get there as we live close to Budapest, in the neighborhood of the car.
Tйvedtem. We hardly drove up to the M3, and I felt tolufts. I just had time to give birth to my son: the baby is coming! He stopped immediately and thought he was highlighting his son, and so we decided, in the car, our little boy. We lowered the parent and saw the head of our baby! This time, Balz was born in the second push. It was unbelievable, intimate despite all the circumstances, and extremely fearful! I knew Balzzs' birth would be wonderful, and even though I didn't think so, I'm happy that it was so. "
You can read more about József's Sensations, Standings, Balzers and Circles on Thursdays. In the meantime, we wish you all the best in family!