(S) Twinsters XVIII.

(S) Twinsters XVIII.

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Diapers, attention! The end of the golden age. Thousands of us started with room cleanliness, and now we spend on laundry detergents, rinse aids and spot cleaners.

We had no better idea of ​​what the well-known "LALI-method" (will be what it will be, my god) resorted to, meaning we had no idea what the guys were going to miss the diaper. Parties, toilets, pants, panties, underpants stuffed in time, collections, literature, educational films. In spite of this, and despite all our efforts, our people stubbornly insisted on the usual three-step mat. Cheese first: - Dad, cocks in the trap! (- Yeah, baby, come on, when you're ready!) Luggage retention: - But I'm not ready yet! (Loss of nerves, but that comes to my mind. The other day, their mother was driving the car, and Csenge asked, "Mom, are you a phoser?") (- Okay, let's replace that diaper for a while!) I was afraid we would stay like Fradi in NB II.
Little step in the little thing
To our great surprise, a beautiful early summer evening came with an unusual request from Csenge: - You need to pee in the toilet! (Suddenly I didn't know if I'd call Fukkus or Aktvv first.) - Where the hell are you? How to mount this rack? Perseverance, baby, you are dumb! Chamber luck hasn't had such a noisy success (I note now that in the future, not all tweaks to the whole family, including cats), will be as the baby's first publicly committed burglary. I can hardly tell if their first steps (since they can come, have never traveled to the same office by mistake) or whether this is the moment of change in our lives. Naturally, in the midst of celebration and celebration, Zsoma also signed up for the toilet - three times in a row - each time with a false alarm. At this point, I was beginning to guess that we were a little bit steeper than Lenin.
Variations on a topic
If the nudes are in a "more comfortable" position, then the motivation is there - as they have done so far (we can no longer organize a noisy evening after every pre-announced and successfully executed act), accident to incredibly increase the number of "bumpy" alerts (after the two of them, there was a summertime doodle that we practically spent in the sideboard - you may have liked to put a little beach poster in, it is also inevitable that a psychotherapist who has been "mistaken" has put them down. To make things a little more practical, we tried to persuade the ladies to use a simplified procedure, for example, in garden games - no need to adhere to a tight, tiled wall, a very cool, very good, To this, Chenge only seemed willing, but Goma was stubbornly opposed to the opportunity. Х Please, just sit on the van and be silent! Although their mum has repeatedly asked me to keep it simple for us, as men, to present to Zomom, unfortunately, no one else could have solved the stigma of being in this place. (Even though I was trying to be honest!) That is, almost all of it came together almost once: namely, I was trying to lift a wheelbarrow put on a poplar with a pope on the end of the garden ( ") when Zomom wistfully inquired," Dad, where do you take the mole milk? " Well, if I didn't head inside the wheelbarrow at the moment, I would probably have been able to make a public fire presentation.