I went to see a kid and came home with a kid

I went to see a kid and came home with a kid

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Olivia Siegl was very sorrowful after an ice cream ... the end was born. An unusual birthplace follows.

On a warm July day, I was really exhausted by an ice cream and some fresh air. I was 34 weeks pregnant then. because Eve it was a baby of my age, the doctors waved rest, forbidden the driver and the long walk. Sure, my baby's health was the most important, but to be honest, I was a little cold that day. Jamie he worked from home, he also took care of roulam and eva when my daughter was not in kindergarten. My brother wanted me to just rest all day, but my desire for the yoke was stronger. "We'll go home immediately if I get busted," I told him. We set off at 2 am on Juliet. As soon as the engine started, I felt a little tightness in my stomach, but I didn't really care about itbecause there have been many times this in the few days before that. I closed my eyes and practiced yoga breathing - breathing slowly through my nose, "I don't feel good," I told Jamie, who suggested we go to the hospital instead of coffee. But I was stubborn. I was really bored of lying at home, desperate for some little fun. As we argued, the collapse turned into severe pain. "My baby can wait" - I finally told my husband and we went to the hospital. because. But this time they were examined, and it turned out I'm 1-2 inches. "The baby is here, and she's been pregnant for about a week," a nurse noted. Jamie was reassured and reminded that Eva was born by the 34th week and was completely healthy. I breathed in and tried to stay positive. Starvation abolished. Jamie called my friend Nicky to come to Eva and bring her to the hospital. Arrived at 4, I said goodbye, knowing he would be in the right place. It was reassuring to me that the baby's heart was all right. Jamie was fantastic. He brought me water, a fan, and cooled it with a cold turkey. It was a very hot day and I was very warm. Early in the evening the ferns were thickened. Although I was calm, my speech was difficult. At 3 inches, I was reminded that I was going to receive epidural anesthesia according to my birth plans. The real pain relief, however, was that I found the laborers at birth were at ease.


At 7 o'clock, she was taken to her birth room. While I was waiting for the epidural to shake, I closed my eyes and imagined myself in a tranquil place - a seashore and the way the waves calm the coast. I leaned forward, injected the epidural, and in the midst of it, I saw a quiet beach. I returned, I could still move my leg, I felt my feet, but the eagles were gone. I felt comfortable. I lay back and slept 2 ounces! I just woke up once. We talked to Jamie, who was on the phone informing friends and family about my current status. At noon I was examined by a doll, I was 5 inches apart. By 2:30 am I was completely exhausted, and I was ready to move out. There was excitement and concern in me, but I tried to reassure myself that everything would be fine. The nurses also assured me that my baby would receive the best possible care when needed. One doctor came into the room at this time, followed by two babies. Jamie held my hand, whispering calm words. I went to bed and followed the doctors' instructions. "Now press," said one. I gathered all my strength. It was hard, I felt like traces, but not due to the epidural. I did exactly what the baby said: I pressed hard when I needed to, relaxed when I needed to. I enjoyed being able to control my body. And I was 100% focused on my baby's birth. the top of my baby's head appeared. After a strong pressure, the whole head expands, and in the next few concussions, the body as well. My baby was born, I kept my mind, and I leaned over to kiss her little lips. I made a huge splash. Isla-Mai It was 2.26kg, but it looked nice and had a nice shape. The babies were taken to the next room. After a few minutes, I brought her back, kissed her head and told her everything would be fine. He had to be put in an incubatorto get more oxygen. I also sent Jamie to the newborn class with our baby while stitching me up. After a little rest, I visited Isla-Mai after a little rest. Seeing him in an incubator, knowing I couldn't hold it, was very difficult. But I was comforted that I could milk a few drops of milk, and I knew it would be very good for him. My parents allowed me to change the diaper through a hole in the incubator and cleanse the face. Of course it is not like I could have caught it, but I was close to it And knowing that uber uber uber is developing better, that was very encouraging. Quickly strengthened, 24 hours later he could leave the incubator. Feeling it on my skin, breathing in the scent was an incredible sensation. We were in the hospital for a week, lying on my skin, nursed her persistently until she came to the technique. This messed up because at the beginning we couldn't be together. If I look at Isla-Mai now, I can't believe she was premature. Healthy and strong, called the little Viking princess. His birth could have been stressful, but everything was calm and harmonious. We started a month ago. The source of this article is here.Also read these:
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