Can telework cause insomnia, depression?

Can telework cause insomnia, depression?

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Although home work has undeniably saved a great deal of time, the risk of a number of serious health problems is increasing. Examples include insomnia, depression, sleep deprivation, and anxiety.

Work from home is not good for your health

It is a complex problem, as insomnia leads to reduced life expectancy, loss of productivity, and depressed to the symptoms also appear. The problem is that a colleague who works from home is unable to choose a job from his or her personal life, and thus spends more time worrying about his or her tasks, more stressed, and harder to turn off. He examined how traditional workplace contexts are influenced by modern technology and, by extension, teleworking, among others. It has been clearly proven that the workforce who works from a non-traditional office is more productive, and at the same time expects more work hours, and more easily combines work and home tasks. Interestingly, among those who work exclusively from home, 42 percent use insomnia, while among office workers, this figure is only 29 percent. They may also be interested in:
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