It is not known what the children of Szombathely got sick

It is not known what the children of Szombathely got sick

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It is not known for now what kind of morbidity caused the illnesses of the men who consumed the menza in Szombathely. The number of patients suffering from light weight and diarrhea increased to 300, and the kitchen cooking lunch was suspended.

It is not known what kind of disease the children of Szombathely suffered fromAccording to press reports, there are also relatives of students who have similar symptoms, according to press reports. its results have not yet arrived - MTI inquired Stбnitz Йva County Chief Medical Officer said Monday that 300 students were ill by Friday, with two children in need of hospital care. The course of the disease in children with abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and, in some cases, low fever, was rapid, and most cases were mildly urine for up to one day.Horváthné Sélley Ezsebet fхбllatorvos county, the йlelmiszerlбnc-biztonsбgi fхosztбly vezetхje kцzlemйnyben it нrta: rendkнvьl szйleskцrы mintavйtel tцrtйnt the helyszнnen the йtelekbхl, alapanyagokbуl, tisztнtу йs fertхtlenнtх szerekbхl.A mintбkat the NЙBIH Йlelmiszer- йs Takarmбnybiztonsбgi Igazgatуsбgбnak laboratуriumбban currently vizsgбljбk.Tбjйkoztatбsa According to the agency mintavйtelt kцvetхen in addition to the munkatбrsainak irбnyнtбsa fхzхkonyhбt fertхtlenнtettйk, and the mыkцdйsйt laboratуriumi vizsgбlatok eredmйnyeinek megйrkezйsйig felfьggesztettйk.A nyugat.hu hйtfхn it нrta: tцbb йrintett diбk szьlхje хket approached by pйntek dйlutбn уta хk йs of sick children is testvйrei produkбlnak hasonlу tьneteket. None of them had eaten the crappy lunch, but nevertheless, they were sick, vomiting, having diarrhea.
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