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It's not a mistake in the title: we deliberately created a new concept for a congress.

Heim Pбl Children's Hospital recently organized the Children's Congress (with great success). At the congress, I listened to a lot of lectures in which the speakers talked more about parenting, the role of polishes in parenting than childcare. Since the role of the mother is predominant among the parents in the hospital, the lectures can safely be considered to be the parent of the mother. The parent can help a lot during hospital stay and can do a lot for the care. Help me now, I do not mean, first and foremost, that it cleans your child, listens, feeds, etc. On the part of the mother, help is needed in a cooperative attitude. The child preserves the parent's anxiety, anxiety and stuck with it. If the parent understands and accepts the exam, the intervention, the operation, along with his or her discomfort, the child will more readily accept it and understand the need. If the child is in a good working condition, it is easier to bear, easier to bear, easier to do. Maternal anxiety is affected, but let's make the child realize that all previous work that is being done is highlighting the moment; It is often the case that a simple cataract requires the parent to be treated first, as blood is lost by chance. Parents of this type are overworked for the benefit of the children, but the smaller one is bad. The bigger problem is that they also create stressful situations in children, and doctors or nurses find it very difficult or impossible to relieve their fears. the child heals, heals. Because the worry is natural, it is the responsibility of the hospital staff to prepare the parent (and first) for the things that happen to the child. In the past, the parent was not present in the church, so it is new to them, so we are learning this now. At the Children's Conference, too, many parents have given each other this experience, and the Poles have also raised the importance of this. " Parent psychic preparation should be done by someone who is not a professional, so one another, parent, doctor, doctor, will learn the new way of working together. In the interest of a sick child, those who are anxious should always pay attention to it, because a bad condition not only makes the actual healing work difficult, bad for the child.