Declaration: you can still apply for a discount that was not claimed last year

Declaration: you can still apply for a discount that was not claimed last year

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He did not write down anyone who last year did not declare what benefits his personal income tax or tax base would reduce, as this could be offset against the personal income tax return.

Family Discount, First Home Discount - Did You Claim It?

Most of the first homeowners benefit, the family discount and the severe disability benefit are reported in the December 2014 report. Its value - up to 24 months - is HUF 31,250, based on the tax base, and HUF 5,000 per month. Households can share the discount or determine which one they require.
The discount is no longer available the first time parents can apply for a family discount on a fetus or child. A child eligible for a family allowance before marrying does not affect the first-home allowance.
The Family Benefit is, as a general rule, eligible for family allowances. Expectantly, the benefit is available from the 91st day from conception until birth. The amount for one or two dependent children in 2015 is 10 thousand HUF / month for children, up to 3 thousand HUF for three or more dependents. The discount reduces the tax base.
If the credit cannot be fully obtained on the Family Benefit, you may qualify for the Family Benefit. The family discount can also be shared. If someone in the family had a change of age - for example, a child has successfully completed a change, the parents have lost or a child has been born - and this has not been reported by the employer, they should take it into account. If someone unlawfully took advantage of a family benefit or part of it over the course of a year, they will have to pay back the excess, the tax authority warns.
For people with disabilities or disability support, and those with a condition that is severely disabled, a personal allowance of $ 5,250 will be available in 2015. The discount is valid for months when the severe disability has been present for at least 1 day. You do not need to attach a medical certificate to your claim, just keep it for a while.
The NAV also calls attention to the last year of the 2015 tax revalidation of the home loan, the higher education tuition and the deferred adult education allowance.
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