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It can improve your insulin sensitivity

It can improve your insulin sensitivity

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One of the most common types of diabetes today is insulin resistance (IR), which is the hallmark of diabetes and what most people jump into first is that it is more difficult or even impossible to lose weight.

How to improve your insulin sensitivity (photo: iStock)This is caused by the high insulin levels characteristic of this condition. The lower insulin sensitivity of cells, the degrading of metabolic processes, in addition to an unhealthy diet, can also be the result of a miraculous but also destructive miracle. And not only because of the flesh, it is serious and should be treated; may also develop type 2 diabetes longitudinally. The good news is that, with the right diet and lifestyle, we can improve the insulin sensitivity of our cells and restore metabolic damage.

What is a Healthy Metabolic Condition?

Each change raises the level of glucose to which the pancreas responds with insulin production. Insulin carries the sugar in the blood, also called glucose, into cells to utilize the energy suspect. The remaining glucose is stored in the form of fat - it won't do much with proper insulin cells and a healthy lifestyle. However, if the cell's insulin sensitivity is reduced, it will disrupt proper metabolism.

What can the insulin sensitivity of cells decrease?

Like most disorders, this can be a cause of death, but unhealthy lifestyles greatly increase the likelihood of developing metabolic disorders and insulin resistance. Eating irregularly or too often, as well as excessively high doses of refined carbohydrates, are adding new and new glycols, thereby making insulin cells less responsive to insulin. As a result, insulin levels remain high, and the body begins to store: high levels of insulin bind to the fat. Dr. Farkas Kitti a doctor who says that miraculous magazines can make sure that insulin resistance has become a widespread disease.

How to get the right insulin sensitizer?

In addition to the difficulty or impossibility of processing fatty acids, the most common symptoms of onset and onset insulin resistance include sudden fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, and fatigue. This is because the insulin resistance makes it very difficult for cells to just use the sugar in the blood. This must be "cured".

Eat, move, rest

The much-mentioned five-times-a-day meal is a common method, but according to Dr. Farkas Kitti, it is not a good idea at all to manage insulin. "The problem with eating is simply trying to alleviate the symptom. Frequent feeding lowers your health and corrects your blood sugar, but you also have the same reason, that is, high insulin levels. we keep our blood sugar levels high and our pancreas will continue to produce insulin until it is exhausted, "says Dr. Kitti Farkas, who also emphasizes that we need to adjust our glucose intake to our daily glucose levels. In addition, the doctor emphasizes the importance of natural ingredients. In the wonders of the day, and of widespread popularity in the wheelchair, we also advise you not to believe in processed, consumer-packaged operations. Regular exercise is essential. Sport is important not only for increasing fatigue and muscle growth, but also because intense exercise itself improves the insulin sensitivity of cells. Reducing destructive stress levels as quickly as possible and an indispensable component of a restful, quality sleep are healthy, IR-free metabolism. "And if you are particularly concerned about your weight loss, remember that it is not just about weight loss but about life-changing thinking first and foremost; to improve metabolism. By improving the insulin sensitivity of the cells, fat utilization can start and we will lose weight again. "
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