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Come on, what do I have to say to the big one?

Come on, what do I have to say to the big one?

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Even though you have barely realized that you're about to have a baby again, you have to think about bringing the big baby to life. You can't lift that much now, and sometimes the toilet will be crouched on you ...

Your family will enjoy! As soon as the baby's brother is sure to come, mom and dad begin to have two childbearing parents: the eyes of the family sometimes turn their attention to the tiny, skimpy fetus. Of Arroul's children, who have been "the little one", you sometimes think of him as a serious boy or a child. In addition to suffering from the birth of a little brother, especially the mother, she has to face certain difficulties from the outset. This is probably the hardest thing, even if the "big one" is small, since the care of a toddler in his early years comes with quite a few, and mostly urgent, physical work.

In your own language!

An important request is that how to make the big one for the baby's reception. It is not easy to give a recipe for this, as the age of the child and the relationship with the parents also mattered a lot. The point is that they are capable of receiving let's talk about it properly, neither too much nor too little.

What do I tell the big one?

The very little ones are worth showing just such a baby, we will soon be too. If you have a long history of being another, we can talk about the details also, but let's not forget to tell us from time to time how "big" was right when he was a baby. It is not good for us to paint the future in pink, and we will be disappointed if we encourage you to get a little play money and not be bored anymore. If the firstborn is four or three years old, track it down we can follow along with himwhere your little brother is in development.You can touch the protruding body parts in the tummy, caress, talk to him. We can also show the ultrasound image to a bigger brother. He certainly understands that your baby is not quite what you see in the picture, but you will be happy to know it before it actually arrives.

Books help!

In almost any bookstore or webshop, you can get to this two bookstore. Petra Finy: The title of your name is a good basis for talking about the future in the evening. Petra has a style that is not easy to digest. If you would rather talk about it with your own words, feel free to do so: the story and the great images provide the perfect framework for taking the topic out!Elanie Mazlish - Adele Faber: Brothers Without Awkwardness The title book may be used later in the book when larger bodies are in conflict, overwhelmed, or overwhelmed by competition. Now, you are taking the first pages to an incredible benefit! Here, the authors bring to life a group of parents where a brother complains about his children by expressing his brother's imagery in a snap.


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