Maybe this is your last stop

Maybe this is your last stop

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On Sunday, March 25th, the men must be changed to 2 o'clock at 3 o'clock. We're losing an urn, but maybe for the last time.

Could we last reset our lords?We need to change ours twice a year, now due to the summer change we need to change ours to 2 o'clock on Sunday, March 25th at 2 am, which means we can sleep an hour less. letting go of the future, too. The request was examined by representatives of the European Parliament.
бllбsfoglalбs adopted by 384 votes in favor, 153 votes against 12 people tartуzkodбssal jelentхs rйsze aggуdik fact that egйszsйgi szempontbуl kбros the йvenkйnt kйt time szokбsos уraбtбllнtбs -нrja theхszцr Finnorszбg kezdemйnyezte the уraбtбllнtбs szьksйgessйgйnek felьlvizsgбlatбt, but also the litvбnok I want to differentiate. Thousands of Finns are calling on the Finnish government not to be bi-annually in the future. People rйszйnйl it causes great kьlцnцsebb problйmбt, mнg mбsoknak - kьlцnцsen the csecsemхknйl йs the idхseknйl the alvбszavarokban szenvedхknйl - serious megterhelйst jelent.Azzal to disturb biolуgiai уrбt fejfбjбs a bad kцzйrzet koncentrбciу the disturbance, ingerlйkenysйg, felborulбsa the cycles occur alvбsi .Children may feel fatigued and anxious, and this should be avoided by gradually changing the daily rhythm: 10-15 minutes at bedtime, waking up, at least as soon as possible.Related articles in this topic:
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