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You have to do so much weekly to stay healthy

You have to do so much weekly to stay healthy

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Just a little exercise helps you to be fresher and healthier, to change your positive control.

You have to do so much weekly to stay healthy

According to the latest US government recommendations, most adults at least two and a half hours a week for low intensity exercise there is a need to keep weight at bay and to avoid illnesses (especially heart disease, cancer and diabetes test). , if that is more comfortable. For those who do not have that much time, it is best to halve the amount of time spent exercising but to choose more intense exercise: jumping, running, speeding. It is important that izomerхn work, which is the most perfect tool for weight lifting, but recliners also do a good job. The essence is that there should be a break of 48 hours between two muscle training sessions so that the muscles can easily regenerate.
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