Future Park is in the Advent mood

Future Park is in the Advent mood

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Until the end of December, the world's most exciting virtual gaming jet, the Future Park, has moved into the Advent atmosphere for the last month of the year.

After its international debut in Hungary, Future Park has been celebrating Christmas in the Christmas season with a couple of weeks back. "Japanese developers - due to the great success of the Budapest site - have agreed that in December, instead of the original animations, a Christmas flyer will welcome the visitors," said Tulip AnnTruppe, head of the Andrssy State Park.Future Park party in Advent mood (source: "Although our contract goes down to Future Park, Andrásy's Center for Action naturally has some new features in the future. producer. "Certainly, during the past half year, the AndrĂŠsy Center for the Status has become a part of the public consciousness, and we believe that there is a need for a place that provides a continuous and open space to the world - it is very interesting and interesting" Illés Gabriella. "I am delighted that many people have come to see us, including TV personalities, such as András Stohl, Szabu Győr or Nárda Zrtzg with his children," Gigi Radics, Esztizzzzztz, Regina Dukai also came here.


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