On Children's Day, the Magical World closes on Vajdahunyadvár

On Children's Day, the Magical World closes on Vajdahunyadvár

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On May 26th, Children's Day, the Magic World - Star Adventure Exhibition and Games in Vajdahunyadvár closes its doors.

On Children's Day, the Magical World closes on VajdahunyadvárInteractive Exhibition and Games Call for Imaginary Travel, Interstellar Adventure! During the games, visitors can roam the Solar System, and even dive on the Milky Way, while strange missions and cosmic challenges challenge their wisdom and knowledge. The mission is to unlock the mysteries of every single thing, collect the light signals, and then return to the Earth. During the trip, participants will learn about the laws and nature of the world, and admire its distant lands and bodies, such as the Cosmic Kazakhstan, the Spiritual Twin, and the Earth. Find out which planet the dust of the solar system is, how the stars are born, and find out more about whether they can cell on the moon and how the galactic moon tastes. Deciphering the secrets of the cosmos will require both the heart, curiosity, and sharp senses. But if all obstacles are passed successfully, the reward will not be missed! As you enter, visitors will receive a text-based playbook that will bring them step by step closer to the goal. Exhibited at more than 1000 square meters, the exhibition and games await adventurous visitors with exciting scientific discoveries and suggestions.
THE MAGIC WORLD - STARSHIP ADVENTURE exhibitions and games can only be visited in Vajdahunyadvár until May 26th. Exhibition is in the FUNCTION:
Opening hours: H closed, K-V 10-17 pm
Age Suggestion: 6-99
At check-in, visitors receive a textbook and children under the age of 7 can play with the help of their parents.
More information: www.facebook.com/F.Exhibition, //bit.ly/2Y4lvmv