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26,000 children cannot go to school because they are not vaccinated

26,000 children cannot go to school because they are not vaccinated

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From now on, children who are not vaccinated are not allowed to go to school in New York. There was a rough turn in the city in the summer, and now it is no longer possible to reject the defense on religious grounds.

26,000 children can't go to school in New York because they are not vaccinated (photo: iStock)After a serious turnaround, a law change in New York that abolished religious references to vaccinations was passed, and now no children can go to school. In the fall, families have a 14-day grace period to vaccinate their children, after which time they simply do not allow children who are not vaccinated. This is a total of 26,217 children - not many are vaccinated. In the United States, as opposed to Europe, there is much lower social acceptance of obligated defenders, and anti-vaccine movements are also supported by the Conservative some parents cite the black segregation of the twentieth century as an example, while others see violations of religious freedom in the measure. They reciprocate that vaccines cause autism and make sure their children are healthy.
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